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GEEZER – self-titled vinyl LP

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blog-browsing children with the symptoms of the universe, check this out, super special limited amount vinyl extra-vaganza, 5 remaining…


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was hurrying a bit with coverart, this will do.


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still sounds fresher/better than any newer stoner rock band.

HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS – passage to agartha

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been following this duo (now for the 1st time in multi-coloured trio) and their ever-evolving progress since the beginning of times and this is definitely their masterpiece.

AHKMED – the inland sea

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Ahkmed, familiar from droning earth vol6, still going on strong.


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simply the best instrumentals ive heard in a while, unique stonerpsychedelicprogressive concept album starting from building a new ship ending to a test flight around the universe and beyond, takes you out there, guaranteed, guitarist is insane, insanely great, no words can describe this awesomeness, just go, get it and enjoy the fantastic voyage.


NICK OLIVERI – N.O. hits at all vol3

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Oliveri on the loose again delivering no hits at all, unreleased track from kyuss lives, mob rules black sabbath cover, etc.. so keep your shotguns ready for hitmakers

ps. actually MEDICATION is quite catchy rocknroll, so maybe theres hit potential, reminds of Andy McCoys solo album.