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another flowing drone/experimental/ambient/instrumental comp.

ps. i couldnt throw all tracks here,  they come to some other vol.

ZENИTH ritual

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fantastic french postdroneambient duo, free DL

EGB they’ve lost control

Posted in egb, post punk on April 26, 2013 by vesalahde

EGB_they've_lost_control (1)

one of my joy division inspired tunes, written a bunch of these too during years, any ian curtis wannabe out there? who can write lyrics, last time i wrote something was about 14 years ago.



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hard to say anything about the full album, got 2 clips of 2 tracks. 1st one reminded of quicksilver messenger service, 2nd neilyoungish folker, timeless stuff, couldve been made in the 70’s.


EGB unknown path

Posted in drum and guitar, punk rock, rock on April 24, 2013 by vesalahde


another one that came out after listening Fred’s bluespunk.



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Im fooled, thought i got full album, it was 2 min samples of tracks. Also i cant open pdfs with this machine, so no cover here either.  But this music’s f****** amazing, groovysouthernstonerfuzzrocknroll or somtehing, could add something to a droning earth comp, if you dare to send me an album, or at least full download.

EGB dances with reindeers

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Another guitar chant. Once i was running with a baby reindeer, he/she was following me in the arctic circle woods,  wasnt scared of humans yet. Testing some WAH in the middle.


ATRINA in planetary sugar

Posted in art rock, indie rock, new haven on April 23, 2013 by vesalahde


Reposting this, because got something to listen, not just streams.  Strange progressive art rock with some post rock influences? Even if theres many tracks with different styles, full album is like a one long progressive track.  Transforms your apartment into a spaceship, if it isnt already one.  Girl has a pleasant voice, between kate bush and björk, i could find some use for singer like this.


FLOITEN JAM fest (austria)

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Michael asked me to add this here, sure thing, next time someone wants to advertise some festival here,  couple o tickets my way,  danke schön.


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Adrian was on droning earth vol17 with one man earthy drone ballad, i think band/project was called dust. Now he has a 3-piece doom/stoner doom band with 2 estonian guys. Its always nicer to review a cd or an album, not just a filthy link to some lame ass stream. This is a great 1st effort, only bad thing i can think, again, is that riffs could be more unique in some tracks, i have heard so much doom/stoner/sludge that most of the riffing sounds the same. I added one track
to droning earth vol56, if you want more, get it, its slowly rolling riff goodness.


EGB sinister skies

Posted in drum and guitar, egb, minimalism, rock on April 21, 2013 by vesalahde


Rocker ballad Fred Cole style? 1st take again. Old good half-broken cable is doing tricks again, some scratches and screeches. Drum starts in the middle part.




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2nd part and back cover comin later, also had to leave out some psychedelic tunes, just dont fit here, add them to some other vol.

ps. part2 uploaded too.

ps2. Gracias to Adrian, cd came, adding a review later.


Posted in dark ambient, estonia, industrial, noise on April 17, 2013 by vesalahde


Did a bit fast listening thru tracks, but definitely going to listen this more,  amazing noise/dark ambient/industrial/experimental from Tallinn, Estonia.

“Morgue’s Last Choice is a band that explores the darkest depths of our
world and has been described by many as a horror music. Each of the
releases carries a unifying concept, which have been coined by our
keyboard player and vocalist Lunastaja (Kennet Kaare). As he was
working in statistics while we were recording on our previous album
7511. As he processed the census data and categorized people by their
jobs he noticed an interesting classification. 7511 – butchers and
other people working in meat processing. In his twisted mind he formed
an images of dystopian slaughterhouse and of people working there in
different professions. The images were then transferred to music, and
so this release came to be.”

Y4801 / EGB split

Posted in ambient, drone, egb, experimental, y4801 on April 15, 2013 by vesalahde


1 hour/12 tracks  of experimental guitar.

EGB left-handed raindance

Posted in drum and guitar, egb, minimalism on April 12, 2013 by vesalahde


drum and guitar,  sometimes i try to play other way around, back to square one.

MERRIN video

Posted in experimental, video on April 11, 2013 by vesalahde

-MERRIN- Phantasm from Chris Purdie on Vimeo.

Chris sent his new video, interesting.

EGB fu manchurian

Posted in egb, instrumental, minimalism on April 10, 2013 by vesalahde


tiny minimalistic tune, guitar & ride

ps. conquering more social networks,


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In the middle of listening the 1st track and i can say this is top-notch dark ambient/drone. Collab of tomb and thirst & neurospora (Gary from Sea of Bones). Whatever that cover pic represents, it fits perfectly to this spacy dark ambience. free down. the 3rd track’s a darkthrone cover.

EGB forest dancer

Posted in folk, minimalism on April 8, 2013 by vesalahde


forest folk/cradle song..


THE LIGHT Incandescence

Posted in ambient, experimental, instrumental, post rock on April 7, 2013 by vesalahde


music that equals the cover art, great experimental EP.

ELECTRICJEZUS Mud of generations

Posted in doom metal, metal, russia, thrash on April 7, 2013 by vesalahde


Two-man-band from Russia mixing many genres, nice dirty production, reminds of early days of destruction/kreator/venom, thrash mixed with slower doom. But like most of the metal nowadays, its done already better in the 80’s. Good for nostalgia, bit more uniquity and this would be much better.

“Electricjezus – two man band from Russia, Moscow region, Dmitrov. The group consist of 2 people, but a set of instruments remains classical – guitar, drums, bass. It became possible by installing single bass pickup in the neck of guitar. Also we use a very thick strings for best bass sound and use two 22” rides or piece of metal for hi hat. All our lyrics on album in Russian. The band’s style is very multifaceted, you can find here sludge metal, doom metal, power violence, black metal, hardcore, stoner and everything you want. This is partly due love for groups like Melvins, Electric Wizard, Earth, Jucifer, Today Is The Day, Bolt Thrower, Sunn O))), Monarch, Extreme Noise Terror, Flipper, Acid Bath, Unsane, Scratch Acid, Burning Witch, Dystopia, Ministry, Pantera, etc. We took a piece of these groups, added our surrounding reality (dirt, noise, monotony) and got our music. With this concept we played about a dozen shows in various cities including Moscow, Moscow region and St. – Petersburg.”

Track list(English):

1 – Feed
2 – Loops of Deception
3 – Street of Broken Lights
4 – Mud of Generations
5 – Lash of Culture
6 – Pool


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tracks vary so much its hard to say about genres again, theres heavier riffing, straight forward rocknroll, etc. the 2nd track’s a highlight.

EGB across the wilderness

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HARVESTER the blind summit recordings

Posted in desert rock, metal, rock, stoner rock on April 4, 2013 by vesalahde


wonderful metal/stoner rock/desert rock-mixture, im not sure about genres, but doesnt matter, music rolls and grooves like nothing else ive heard in a while.If i had an album, i would spin this more. Dig the cover art too, nice minimalism.




Posted in ambient, drone, noise, uk on April 3, 2013 by vesalahde


1st track made me wanna throw this out of the window. 4th track is a great ambient piece. bit too much modified noise/loop-tracks for my taste, if you like that kinda experimental,  get it from here.

EGB in the morning they travelled on

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EGB the crawling chaos I

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