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hawkwindy bastids, something worth digging down from the soundcloud.

ESTONER – tahm

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said this before, bit tired of sludge/doom metal genre nowadays, after hearing too many bands during years everything tends to sound the same, and its same with drone/ambient genres, that said i share the track that i liked best on this album, laidback psychedelic shamanism…


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when its so easy to make a nice flowing playlist of soundcloud tracks, makes me wonder if its worth the hassle doing downloadable droning earth comps anymore, artists are not answering mails/msgs, or maybe theyre arent getting the mails/msgs because everything seems to be manipulated in Internet nowadays.

GEEZER – spiral fires EP

Posted in hard rock, heavy blues, psychedelic, Uncategorized on April 18, 2019 by vesalahde

theres some great psychedelic heaviness, EP that felt too short.

ps. “funny” incident when i checked the spiral fires promo video maybe a month ago and went out, one of these Oulunsalo/Oulu criminals came making spiral shaped chemtrail to the sky, im aware finnish military criminals are stalking/manipulating my internet connection too, as they are stalking when i go out from the apartment.


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fucks sake, just something good found from soundcloud

SAMI YAFFA – electric sazzy land

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rarely see well-known musicians doing some experimentations, respect of that.


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havent heard of these guys in years, new teaser sounds strong, heavy meditations…