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ETHEREAL RIFFIAN – wakan tanka & documentary

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take a steady asana and check these guys out, shed light on your existence. CAMP

SPECTRAL HAZE – turning electric

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as close as you can get to hawkwind these days, fast psychedelic groove voyage around the multiverse, astral journey thru cosmos, ghost-like echoes of humanity, gloomy, doomy, fantasticular.


SHAYK – vol1

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HERES a little gem of an EP for someone to vinylize, hot & steamy, smooth as james brown’s hairdo, funky & groovy mind-expanding acid rock from the haziest backyards and alleyways of detroit.

THE RE-STONED – analog

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Cover 2400.jpg

heavyrussianstonerpsychedelicinstrumental radiates your skull like a mast near you, better turn off all electric household equipment before spinning this, its that hot and might cause you a nervous shakedown, so dim down the lights and get re-stoned.


SOLAR MAXIMUM – some witnesses report actual spacetime distortion

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over 30min monster (or i think its many tracks mixed together?) must be their best so far, wonderful double bass guitar drone relaxation, its space time again, beam me up jim!


ps. i dont see any listen/download link on their pages for this, except one track on soundcloud.


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Artwork 1000.jpg

immediately hooked after the first crushing riffs.. thick low end stoner, psychedelic and blues in heavy harmony… sounding like recorded live in the middle of californian desert.. for fans of kyuss, los natas, etc.