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T.G.OLSON – earthen pyramid

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great western rock as usual.

MOVE – shazam

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Depressmusic floating to my emails, like theres no hope left in this universe? Tired even checking those albums full of misery, death, depression and insults. Heres a forgotten gem from my vinyl shack, 60s i think, dudes might be on LSD and music sounds overly happy,  for some reason this reminds of sergeant peppers, because the tracks are so weirdly different.

MAGMAKAMMER – mindtripper

Posted in doom, psychedelic, stoner, Uncategorized on September 26, 2018 by vesalahde

personally tired of this kinda music, maybe you dig it if youre younger and the world isnt depressing enough yet, psychedelic stoner doom to melt your skull and to drug your mind, what happened to woodstock times when all the people where happy and dancing?



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DONOVAN – sunshine superman

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inspiring LP from the 60s, theres no music like this anymore.


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new LP from heavypsychsounds


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