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ORGÖNE – mos/fet

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holy voyager, what an adventure, 80 mins of psychedelic egyptian space exploration, the most unique/interesting band ive heard in recent years.


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something good i saw in mewe, alternative to facebook.

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio

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enchanting flutedronekrautspaceambientexperimental

GIÖBIA – plasmatic idol

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After a while some interesting new music, psychedelic rock that at times sounds like soundtrack in the style of Goblin, relaxing trip. HEAVYPSYCH


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theres an great example (again) how to make interesting atmospheric music with only drums and bass guitar, theres no need for lyrics and egoistic vocalists/guitarists.

WILD ROCKET – geomagnetic hallucinations

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listening a track on soundcloud got me curious enough to download an album, groovy psychedelic space rock with punk attitude and speed… refreshingly unique.


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hawkwindy bastids, something worth digging down from the soundcloud.


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YURT – the obstacle is everything

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dont be a yurt, taste some yurt from the sonic elders of yurt, experimental brainmelt space prog rock that reminds a bit of voivods experiments, great especially for you who think the chorus/verse/bridge/solo is sometimes too less.


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HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS – passage to agartha

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been following this duo (now for the 1st time in multi-coloured trio) and their ever-evolving progress since the beginning of times and this is definitely their masterpiece.

COMACOZER – helios hyperion

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astonishing live jam for astral travellers

COMACOZER – kalos eidos skopeo

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first-class psychedelic space doom odyssey that will take you from the edge of your sofa to inner expeditions of your mind and body…mind-bending and hypnotic from start to finish…


SPECTRAL HAZE – turning electric

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as close as you can get to hawkwind these days, fast psychedelic groove voyage around the multiverse, astral journey thru cosmos, ghost-like echoes of humanity, gloomy, doomy, fantasticular.


TURN ME ON DEAD MAN – heavymetal mothership

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1st thought is probably the best again, like hawkwind playing faster, twisted bag of genres thrown together, theres heavy metal, space rock, stoner, psych, yoga flying, you name it, after all it works and drives you out of your mind.



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you better watch out, the 2nd volume of heavy psych sounds is going to invade your skull and tell you what to do.


Black Rainbows “The Red Sky Above” (exclusive track!)
Cachemira “Overpopulation”
Doctor Cyclops “Lonely Devil”
Duel “Witchbanger”
Farflung “You Will Kill For Me”
Fatso Jetson “Wire Wheels And Robots”
Giöbia “This World Was Being Watched Closely”
Glitter Wizard-Mycelia
Killer Boogie “Eight Ball” (exclusive track!)
Mothership “Crown Of Lies”
Nick Oliveri “Anything And Everything”
The Clamps “Must Destroy”
The Golden Grass “Flashing Out Of Sight”
The Freeks “Uncle Jack’s Truck”
The Sonic Dawn “Summer Voyage”


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amazing 14min single, fly to saturn and back.

FARFLUNG – unwound celluloid frown

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brilliant psychedelic space rock again, the 4th track “axis mundi” alone makes this worth getting, beautiful 13min psychedelic/ambient/instrumental/cosmic voyage for deep meditative moments.




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space rock veterans shaking your booty again, be prepared for take-off, 4, 3, 2, 1, ignition! interesting aspect on this album is that you never know what comes next, psychedelic rock, space punk, stoner rock or all combined.





Posted in boston, psychedelic rock, space rock on April 12, 2014 by vesalahde


these guys travelling away from the stoner rock, to vintage psychedelia, title track is buenoid.


SPACEMUSHROOMFUZZ wonders of tomorrow

Posted in boston, psychedelic rock, space rock on March 6, 2014 by vesalahde


very different than their earlier EP’s, vintage-sounding synth space rock.



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SPACE MUSHROOM FUZZ stealing some time

Posted in boston, fuzz rock, space rock on November 4, 2013 by vesalahde


nice spaceystoneryfuzzmuzak, best track time tunnel/time space, is that typo on cover on purpose?

ps. logged back in just to say “nice” is an understatement.

KÖSMONAUT voyage of time

Posted in ambient, electronic, psychedelic, scifi, space rock, texas on October 1, 2011 by vesalahde
first i though this is another electro crap project, but no, very atmospheric trip to outer space.


SPACES nothing exists but atoms and the void

Posted in brooklyn, instrumental, post rock, progressive, space rock on July 12, 2011 by vesalahde

ace of spaces. excellent instrumental space rock.