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ok, this is a wrap, there might be vol2, download includes bonus track “dances with the axe”


VOID CRUISER – wayfarer

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laidback stoner space metal, arctic bastard child of kyuss and hawkwind,
groovy relaxing cruise thru the heavyness and void of the andromeda galaxy,
put your damn space helmet on and get ready to fly high again.


DÖ – astral: death/birth

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raw, heavy, brutal stoner doom rumble in the asphalt jungle to crush you like a cockroach you are.


RADIEN – maa

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desperation, desolation, hopelessness, corruption, human scum, theres something that came to mind while listening this mean and dirty sludge, lyrics are in finnish but not sure what they tell, this isnt music to cheer you up, its pulling you down to the tar-filled black pit where you came from, so stay there or stand up and be counted!


HURRIGANES – hot wheels

Posted in classic rock, finland, LP collection, rock, rocknroll on December 27, 2016 by vesalahde

maybe not their best LP, but still the greatest finnish band.

TAPANI KANSA – karpolla on asiaa

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hats off to tapani kansa, legendary finnish tangosinger telling how cops are stalking him in every bush, nothin has changed but cops have more stalking methods now, and maybe some electronic harassment too.


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legendary finnish punk rock, after almost 40 years message is still actual, älkää kysykö minultakaan!