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RADIEN – maa

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desperation, desolation, hopelessness, corruption, human scum, theres something that came to mind while listening this mean and dirty sludge, lyrics are in finnish but not sure what they tell, this isnt music to cheer you up, its pulling you down to the tar-filled black pit where you came from, so stay there or stand up and be counted!


HURRIGANES – hot wheels

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maybe not their best LP, but still the greatest finnish band.


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Gotta move these writings to some other blog soon, but im so fed up with this nazi-like control state called Finland. Theres little thieves, drunk drivers, drunken maniacs, etc. and cops have to take care of them, fair enough, but control in Finland is so advanced nowadays (home/phone eavesdropping, car/phone tracking, camera control, plus many other methods we dont even know about) that REAL CRIMINALS must have inside information from police or security firms. Great example is the case of Jari Aarnio, drug squad chief can commit REAL CRIMES and im sure theres more corruption inside finnish police, security firms and even in our government. And if govt knows about the electronic harassment police has been doing to me, and probably to some other finns as well, they are REAL CRIMINALS.

THIEVES IN TIGHTS – stealing from the poor

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it might be that targeted individual has to be poisoned/chipped before the electronic harassment works, im only talking about own experiences and that i felt like i was poisoned with something 3 years ago, even spammers/advertising losers knew im poisoned with some “test liquid” and they knew the symptoms too, since then ive had this electric hypersensitivity. and theres many cases that i suddenly felt radiation in my body and cops were around or they drove there just to see how directed radiation worked. if they (cops/gangstalkers) secretly do this to finnish people,and government allows them to do it, they are all FUCKING MURDERERS. Feels like ive been some kinda guinea pig over 10 years already (gangstalking, eavesdropping of phones/homes, internet bullying, computers/phones always hacked, now burglar alarm system was hacked and electronic torture continues.

ps. it was almost impossible to send this post, computer or connection assaulted immediately.

ps2. this guy is experiencing something similar than i was in Helsinki, they try to drive him insane with gangstalking, or probably did it already.

TAPANI KANSA – karpolla on asiaa

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hats off to tapani kansa, legendary finnish tangosinger telling how cops are stalking him in every bush, nothin has changed but cops have more stalking methods now, and maybe some electronic harassment too.


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legendary finnish punk rock, after almost 40 years message is still actual, älkää kysykö minultakaan!