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EGB – vow to the sun

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10 years old experimental tracks remixed/mastered, screwdriver-powered electric guitar screeching with effects.


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something finnish, inspiring…


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this is a wrap, changed the playlist so the strange tracks flow somehow, next in line EL VII or something.

SAMI YAFFA – electric sazzy land

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rarely see well-known musicians doing some experimentations, respect of that.


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english version

the most heaviest and legendary finnish band.

JUICE LESKINEN – arkadianmäen ongelmajätelaitos

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classic finnish heavy rock, theres no artists like this anymore in Finland, only lamers who try to please everyone.

BRIARD – fuck the army

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regarded as the 1st ever finnish punk single, featuring Andy McCoy.

ps. When i was a young boy i went to army but they werent hunting/stalking their own citizens then.