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PRANA CRAFTER – morphomystic

Posted in acid folk, drone, instrumental, psychedelic, washington on April 29, 2021 by vesalahde

meditative drone/acidfolk/psych

ACID’S TRIP – strings of soul

Posted in hard rock, rocknroll, sweden on April 27, 2021 by vesalahde

high speed/energy rocknroll in the spirit of thin lizzy, mc5, kiss, lynyrd skynyrd, etc… HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS


Posted in progressive rock, psychedelic rock, sweden on April 26, 2021 by vesalahde

innovative 70s


Posted in psychedelic, space jazz, space rock, sweden on April 21, 2021 by vesalahde

something interesting


Posted in cello, instrumental, post classical, uk on April 18, 2021 by vesalahde

release below got me curious of checking this out, amazing cellombient

SUPERVøID – the giant nothing

Posted in ambient, experimental, instrumental, italy, metal on April 17, 2021 by vesalahde

heavy riffs, atmospheric soundscapes, cello… ambient metal opera like no other SUBSOUND

HOWLING GIANT – alteration

Posted in instrumental, nashville, psychedelic rock, stoner metal on April 16, 2021 by vesalahde

adventurous, mysterious, jam-based instrumental heavy rock/metal CAMP

STÖNER – live in the mojave desert

Posted in california, desert rock, stoner rock on April 14, 2021 by vesalahde

another perfect live, guess the genre. HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS


Posted in garage rock, instrumental, rocknroll on April 13, 2021 by vesalahde

a treat for fans of instrumental rocknroll GODOWN


Posted in blues, improvisation, jazz rock, moscow on April 13, 2021 by vesalahde

captivating improvisation jazz/blues rock

ESTHER ANN GOVE – oh creation

Posted in acoustic guitar, country, folk, oakland, singer/songwriter on April 12, 2021 by vesalahde

astonishing, melancholic, acoustic, dark folk/country CAMP

BRAME – ce qui rôde

Posted in blues, drone, experimental, france, noise on April 12, 2021 by vesalahde

sounds unique but also very strange, mixture of blues/drone/noise plus singer howling something odd, better check it out yourself, im outta words CAMP

SPIRIT MOTHER – live in the mojave desert

Posted in california, heavypsych, rocknroll on April 10, 2021 by vesalahde

violin (and groovy riffs) makes this heavypsychrocknroll unique and outstanding HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

AKKAJEE – lastenkerääjä

Posted in finland, folk, weird folk on April 8, 2021 by vesalahde

enchanting, at times cacophonic, finnish weird folk


Posted in electronic, experimental, folk, psychedelic on April 6, 2021 by vesalahde

strange and mesmerizing

NEBULA – live in the mojave desert

Posted in california, psychedelic rock, stoner rock on April 6, 2021 by vesalahde

more treats for fans of live music, fluent psychedelic stoner groove HEAVYPSYCH


Posted in alternative rock, progressive rock, uk on April 5, 2021 by vesalahde

new wave of prog rock?


Posted in france, guitar ambient, instrumental on April 5, 2021 by vesalahde

moody guitar ambient

EARTHLESS – live in the mojave desert

Posted in california, heavy psych, instrumental, psychedelic rock on April 4, 2021 by vesalahde

incredible soulful instrumental groove HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

MAURICE LOUCA – elephantine

Posted in alternative, cosmic jazz, egypt, improvisation, world music on April 3, 2021 by vesalahde

the 1st egyptian post on this site, magnificent cosmic jazz


Posted in ambient, effects, experimental, improvisation, instrumental, noise on April 3, 2021 by vesalahde

this is a wrap, another bag of instrumental/improvisation/effects/noise, whatever comes next?


Posted in ambient, avant garde, drone, experimental, noise, Uncategorized on April 2, 2021 by vesalahde

interesting sounding collaboration of many musicians

MINNA KOSKENLAHTI – toinen/other

Posted in experimental, finland, instrumental, percussion, world music on April 1, 2021 by vesalahde

experimental, primitive, almost tribal, solo percussion music CAMP


Posted in alternative, dreampop, shoegaze, uk, Uncategorized on April 1, 2021 by vesalahde

quite cool shoegaze/dreampop, reminds of placebo/cure/etc. SOMEWHERECOLD