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lets get things rolling at , whats the point using that facebook anymore, if you happen to have 5000 followers 50 of them might accidentally see what your posting, its just an illusion.


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as everyone says, great cover.


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something finnish, inspiring…

GORILLA – treecreeper

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whiskey-burned vocals remind again of one particular guy so we are surfing somewhere between motörhead and stoner rock, little bit blues harmonica and psychedelic slow-downs, nothing fancy for fancy pants but dirty soundtrack for sun-burned summertime boozers. HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

GURT – bongs of praise

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not so amazed about the promo track but lego video is always fun times

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – how will i laugh tomorrow when i cant even smile today

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im brainwashed by my own writings, remembered this magnificent album while writing my other blog, the LP you never got tired of, isnt it bit strange that band named suicidal tendencies brings you the best childhood memories.

ps. was curious to see if theyre still doing music and gotta say this is no “how will i laugh” but better than the most of the new bands that never invent anything new. WHOLE WORLD GONE INSANE, agree with that.


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like the beatles reborn..


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bit tired of poser stoners sending me their mediocre stoner albums, something i happened to listen in soundcloud, amazing and beautiful minimalism, as they call it “heaven metal”.


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there might a true alternative to facebook FINALLY, Zuckerberg tyranny is over! Nice buzz going on and bunch of music groups too, join the droning earth group if you want to contact me,

DEAD MAN TELLS NO TALES – dead man’s hand

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dead man tells no tales, dead troll stalks no one, mysterious, chilling, jazzy, progressive, psychedelic rock, mostly instrumental, one of these bands that should be signed but their work is just downloadable for free.


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this is a wrap, changed the playlist so the strange tracks flow somehow, next in line EL VII or something.


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AN AMERICAN MOVIE – Nine 18 Twenty 17

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jazzy psychedelic live improvisation, like Pori Jazz festival at home.

YAWNING MAN – macedonian lines

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holy macedonian mackerel, this transports you to some kinda dreamstate, diving to the clouds, swimming with the fishes, playing peek-a-boo with mountain gorillas, very atmospheric, beautiful and relaxing instrumental rock, no, this isnt even music, this is art. HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

THE EXPLOITED – horror epics

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after finding 4 punks from the hair of my dog, it reminded me of this classic rock LP from the 80s, no cryptic nonsense, dont blame me internet losers, blame the politicians.

STILL AGAINST THE GRAIN…and murder frequencies

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Oulu, city of total corruption and gangstalking, FUCK YOU!

NEBULA – holy shit

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never mind the manipulated minds, here comes nebula, interestingly progressing LP, tracks get more experimental/psychedelic as it goes on, can you even call this stoner rock, more like progressivepsychedelicpunkgrooverocknroll, me dig, me dig, yes i do, one of those albums you have to listen many more times.. HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

just a curiosity, check this dude using nebula coverart for lame noises..

GIN LADY – tall sun crooked moon

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forgotten LP from the 60s/70s flowerfilled love-fueled america? unbelievably catchy hard/country rock reminding of (to name a few) kiss, canned heat, lynyrd skynyrd, grateful dead, neil young.. KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ

THE RE-STONED – rams head

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everyone who thinks to be an awesome musician should try to do at least one interesting instrumental, if music is good theres no need for lyrical boloney, heres albumful of innovative psychedelic grooves for heavy and deep relaxation. KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ


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when its so easy to make a nice flowing playlist of soundcloud tracks, makes me wonder if its worth the hassle doing downloadable droning earth comps anymore, artists are not answering mails/msgs, or maybe theyre arent getting the mails/msgs because everything seems to be manipulated in Internet nowadays.


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worn out phrase, mesmerizing…


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Perkele!, what happened to justice in this corrupted world of stalking?