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Cúlmine – Intervención # II

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strange mesmerizing slowly progressing music, listen this rather than eavesdrop others.



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legendary finnish punk rock, after almost 40 years message is still actual, älkää kysykö minultakaan!


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scent of a opened beer bottle, taste of desert sand in your mouth, sound of a corrupted cop car following you, mee maa mee maa, you know what i mean? kyussish stoner groove from atacama desert, get stoned and rock hard, its always better than being a governmental anti-robinhood.

BOB SEGER SYSTEM – ramblin gamblin man

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another brilliant LP from the 60s.


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psychedelic noise rock with chaotic jazz sax, mind-melting cacophony sounding totally original, their 2nd album on bad afro records out in november, the 1st album still available for free. the 3rd track “mania” reminded me of finnish band sielun veljet from the late 80s, when they were in their most furious form.