SUN DAGGER – american night

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sounds like this quartet is improvising, maybe little bit stoned too, creating an relaxing instrumental atmosphere.


THE FREEKS – shattered

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punk rock the stooges-way, some psychedelics, kicks buttocks.


VESA-MATTI LÄHDE – electric lapland IV

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GLITTER WIZARD – hollow earth tour

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retro heavy rock freaks will ejaculate while listening this, progressivepsychedelicglamrocking epic with no fillers.


WIGHT – love is not only what you know

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funky psychedelic band from woodstock times? Nope, but sounds like that, 7 amazing tracks of love, peace & purple haze.

kozmik artifactz


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KOFI Album Artwork.jpg

relaxing, spellbinding, dreamlike psychedelicstonerambientprogressiverock from the united kingdom of frogs, cant even think what other bands this reminds of, just wonderfully unique.

kozmik artifactz

BUZZARD – sonic renaissance

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Buzzard album artwork.jpg

groovy power trio also familiar from some droning earth vol, sailing somewhere between kyuss, sabbath and blues resulting to a mindblowing debut album out from kozmik artifactz