EDWARD OUTLANDER – buzzed on the nothingness

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earth-like drone and more.


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something worth digging up, adventurous moody instrumentals.


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slightly manipulated acoustic guitar


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some action..

JAKETHEHAWK – hinterlands

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grungy, melancholic, relaxing heavy psych, cool riffage all the way RIPPLE MUSIC

FELLOWCRAFT – this is where you’ll find me

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melodic, almost radio-friendly grunge/alternative/prog/metal/rock, skillful songwriting, very enjoyable listening. CAMP

APPALOOZA – the holy of the holies

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tight stoner grooves from the backstreets of Nantes, for fans of qotsa etc. RIPPLE MUSIC


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usually politely delele all pop offerings, somehow kept on listening this dreamful indie pop EP, girl can sing and play some guitar as well.

LORI GOLDSTON – film scores

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soothing cello drone/ambient/classical, featuring dylan carlson etc.


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perfect instrumental

HURRIGANES – crazy days

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more finnish classics, music does the talking

FLASHBACKSLIDERS – let’s go rockin’ tonight

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backsliders tribute to hurriganes, finnish rocknroll at its finest

OJM – live at rocket club

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italian stoner rock classics plus a cover of deep purples hush.. live, raw and kicking GO DOWN


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WEDGE – like no tomorrow

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top-notch old school heavy rock/psych HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

GEEZER – mississippi queen

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left over track from the album groovy, grooves as much.

TANNER OLSON – the wolf ~ my friend

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peaceful country rock/americana


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hard rock boogie in the style of the 70s, reissue from heavypsychsounds


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groovy heavy psych instrumentals HEAVYPSYCH


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NOISS au Brin de Zinc

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grunges not dead, full concert.

THE KINKS – sunny afternoon

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dark and black this and that, little bit sunshine from the 60s.

SATORINAUT – exclusive all inclusive

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for those about to listen long jams.


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beautiful old time folk


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unpolished masterpiece

WEDGE – across the water

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cooling down old school psychedelic