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80s underground hits

ANDY MCCOY – 21st century rocks

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finnish rocknroll star still kicking some butt

EARTH – miami morning coming down

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always amazes how minimalism can be beautiful


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tracks that inspire

EARTH – phase 3: thrones and dominions

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albums that inspire


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almost impossible to find interesting experimental music nowadays, so gotta listen own releases

AC/DC – flick of the switch

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was underrated when it came out, thought its as great as the earlier albums.

RAINBOW – straight between the eyes

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tight beginning of the 80s, rainbow was the best

ENGLISH DOGS – where legend began

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unique LP of the 80s thrash genre


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captivating folk


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PINK FLOYD – interstellar overdrive

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JIMI HENDRIX – original soundtrack “experience

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promos suck so gotta listen golden oldies, morning dose of blues/psychedelic

ANGELIC UPSTARTS – angel dust (collected highs)

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catchy 70s/80s punk

ALICE COOPER – greatest hits

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never underestimate alice cooper, classic.

PEER GÜNT – good girls dont…

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finest finnish rocknroll

MOTÖRHEAD – iron fist

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original bronze-cassette from 1982, still sounds fresh, perfect rocknroll experience

KISS – creatures of the night

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as a tiny boy i was a huge kiss fan as well, still rocks harder than any new bands

IRON MAIDEN – piece of mind

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damn, music was amazing in the 80s, sweet teenage times, loads of ettan and heavy metal

KAZJUROL – a lesson in love

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this was found from the bag of old cassettes, nostalgic thrash/crossover

CMX – rautakantele

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unique finnish rock/prog/metal

BASTARDS – insane world

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in the 80s bands dared to have opinions


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NIRVANA – bleach

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montage of heck – documentary reminded of the greatest band of the 80s/90s

DISCHARGE – war is hell

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PROBLEMS? – katupoikia

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finnish classics

PJUSK – sentrifuge

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excellent, dreamy ambient