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theres many more ways to target electro-magnetic waves, heres the basics, everyone should know this, not just mobile geeks and governments.

GUN – gunsight

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as well can sometimes introduce LP’s from my collection, this is nearly perfect, if not perfect, british psychedelic heavy/hard rock from 1969..and in the 2nd track theres a good message for all internet wimps.


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soothing 1st track from their upcoming album, progressive instrumental post-rock with violin.

DOMADORA – violent mystikal sukuma

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as real as psychedelic heavy rock can get, sounds like listening a killer live concert, no hundred instrument/sample tracks or thousands of overdubs needed like “real” radio-friendly artists do nowadays, btw cover dude looks like a hardcore smart phone/WiFi user, face melting technology.



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more and more finns are suffering because of WiFi/cell tower radiation, some might not even know why they feel sick or have heart palpitations… and the government eats donuts?


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electro-aware art on REFUGIUM website.

HAIR OF THE DOG – the siren’s song

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wrote something about this earlier, now its out, fierce fast-forward heavy rock with the blues (for example “weary bones”), gotta mention singer sounds like david coverdale, occasionally.

kozmik artifactz