DOCTOR CYCLOPS – local dogs

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vintage-sounding mix of 70s heavy rock, heavy metal, doom, psychedelic in a progressive bag of interestingly obscure treats, witchfinder general meets purple meets budgie in the middle of the mushroom-filled, cobwebbed and pitch-blackened backwoods of the dark middle-ages.


BLACK RAINBOWS – carmina diabolo

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fuzz-laden groove is here to stay, with a hint of hard rock and psychedelic, so to speak re-released ass-whipping debut from the italian stoner motorheads


SOLAR MAXIMUM – some witnesses report actual spacetime distortion

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over 30min monster (or i think its many tracks mixed together?) must be their best so far, wonderful double bass guitar drone relaxation, its space time again, beam me up jim!


ps. i dont see any listen/download link on their pages for this, except one track on soundcloud.

THE NICE – collection

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very nice collection double from the nice, video track composed by finnish classical (quite psychedelic too) composer sibelius.


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another bass outtake, one riff idea then whatever comes out..


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progressive force-powered instrumental star wars stoner rock, like faster starchild of kyuss, for some reason i was thinking vocals would be a nice addition, but who cares of the thoughts of others, just go ahead, LISTEN, and make your day, punk!