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SOMNURI – nefarious wave

Posted in brooklyn, metal, progressive metal, sludge on May 6, 2021 by vesalahde

tight, melodic, progressive sludge BLUESFUNERAL

SONS OF OTIS – isolation

Posted in doom metal, heavy psych, sludge, stoner rock on August 25, 2020 by vesalahde

sample track from the upcoming album

BLEEDING EYES – golgotha

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monolithic psyched-out apocalyptic sludge from the deepest neck of the italian woods, singer sounds like a mad preacherman with his spoken word styled shouting, something really unique in this darkened atmospheric concept. GO DOWN


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dirty depression-fueled sludge that doesnt smell like teen spirit, no hits, no gimmicks, just heaviness and grittyness crushing the pain inside your flaming, tortured skull. CAMP

CYCLES OF THE DAMNED – a time to survive

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probably the most heaviest LP ive ever heard, so heavy it sounds like carrying all the burdens of the modern street walking man, at times tho descending into lighter (darker) ambient parts reminding of the harvest by sea of bones.

ESTONER – tahm

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said this before, bit tired of sludge/doom metal genre nowadays, after hearing too many bands during years everything tends to sound the same, and its same with drone/ambient genres, that said i share the track that i liked best on this album, laidback psychedelic shamanism…

OF WOLVES – no loss for words

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one of my favorites from the past years, from the “sludge” category, wish there were more bands like this who dare to say it straight and not write some cryptographic mumbojumbo bullshit. One track also on droning earth vol69.



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“written in regards to the Dakota access pipeline and all the brave people who stood the grounds to defend the land and water.”


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…announcing their new EP shiny void, soulful psychedelic/stoner/sludge for some label to sign up.

RESIN – breathing frequencies

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rarely someone sends me albumful of stoner doom nowadays, at least this kinda progressive old schoolish with dirty production values, and dirty means good, again my 1st thought (tells more than 100 pics) was somewhere between slowed down hendrix jam and earth, so relaxing jams for relaxing yoga moments, singer sounds quite disturbing but its the name of the game, as you can see from the coverart.


DEADSMOKE – mountain legacy

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monolithic, crushing, heavy like a hangover banging your skull without mercy, better just quote the promo sheet: “Slow, hypnotic, dissonant cadences recall the eternal need for isolation and the atavistic fear of nothingness. Sub-frequencies corrode the one last trace of human cognition, apprehension and judgment. Your soul is already burned, smoke is what remains.”


CAMBRIAN – mobular

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updated after listening full album

taxi driver records announcing hawaiian blues doom spectacular, like dylan carlson jamming with gary moore and pink floyd under the caribbean sundown, unreal and anomalous mix of lap-steel guitar, blues and drone doom.

RADIEN – maa

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desperation, desolation, hopelessness, corruption, human scum, theres something that came to mind while listening this mean and dirty sludge, lyrics are in finnish but not sure what they tell, this isnt music to cheer you up, its pulling you down to the tar-filled black pit where you came from, so stay there or stand up and be counted!


OHHMS – the fool

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thunderous politically-charged (written in the promo sheet, would be nice to read the lyrics) progressive sludge metal, adventurous tracks have more parts than you ever find from the finnish top40, definitely needs more listens, so if youre looking for neat chorus/verse songs, keep on looking elsewhere, and as the old finnish proverb tells: “the fool is always more trustworthy than the govt”



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exotic-sounding, guess its the russian vocals, sludge/stoner/metal in the spirit of mastodon/red fang/90s alternative, as they describe it “the soundtrack to a hollywood-produced soviet western”, energetic in-your-face debut, not quite on par with their idols, and im comparing to mastodon. favorite track mustanga.




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ex-members of monarch! kicking out the slow and heavy ambientsludgejams, with screamo-styled vocals, quite a contrast between two 20min monoliths and the 2min passage between them, sometimes lifts you up flying like a seagull, sometimes takes you down to the sludgeful bordeaux sewer system, until throwing you back to the ground around the 45min marker.



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lock your doors and windows, dopethrone sludge has returned and the new world is full of rapists, murderers and drug dealing drug squads.



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new track slays like todays world.



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promising progressive dirty sludge.


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Endless Floods album artwork

massive mesmerizing melancholic sludge monolith.


and SPLIT with Uur

Endless Floods Uur EP artwork


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SEA OF BONES – silent transmissions

Posted in ambient metal, drone doom, new haven, sludge, Uncategorized on May 13, 2016 by vesalahde


hauntingly beautiful improvised drone-doomer.


one of their track also on recently reupped VOL3.


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gruesome twosome throwing some mean ******* sludge.



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old stuff camped VOL24 (sludge/doom/stoner), VOL25 (drone/folk/experimental/ambient) & VOL31 (sludge/stoner doom/psychedelic rock).

ESTONER lennud saatana dimensioonis

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mean dirty progressive psychedelic sludge machine, albumful of pleasant surprises, heavy mind-detonating joyride like no other.


Dö – tuho

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crushing as the world we live in, heavy as the sinking ship we sail on, darkened sludgestonerdoom rifffest with surprises here and there, like finnish vocals on the 4th, acoustic guitar on the 5th, etc.