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every dickweed deserves a big muff, at least once in a lifetime, bass + bass big muff.


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if theres new kids on the blog, most droning earth volumes still on ARCHIVE

LARES – mask of discomfort

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lare, laren, lares, heavyblackstoner as in the gig poster in their facemelt page, i havent listened black since 80s venom so all i can say this isnt just black metal also some heavier/slower parts, singer sounds too much like all black (metal) singers, but figure it out YOURSELF.

SONIC WOLVES – before the end comes LP

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reviewed this earlier, TAXI DRIVER maniacs announcing LP release, get it before the end comes and they murder us with radiation.


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DÖ – astral: death/birth

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raw, heavy, brutal stoner doom rumble in the asphalt jungle to crush you like a cockroach you are.


LESADOS – jaula

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guys have upgraded their grooves from stoner rock to doom, cant say this is perfect but getting closer, so go ahead, shut up and LISTEN.