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lot of hate-fueled metal coming to my emails, no time or interest listen all that, so sometimes gotta find better music myself, like this wonder-fueled timeless folk.


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theres no innovative music like this anymore, are drugs worse than in the 60s/70s?


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unarmed pedestrians are zapped, air smells polluted, clouds taste satanic… this band still amazes, two monstrous over 20 min instrumentals with plenty of twists, riffs and turns for halloween freaks and doomsday preppers

BLACKWOOD – of flies

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doomdub so bleak, grim, and black its probably not suitable for the faint-minded and the depressed but check it out if you prefer your winter even more darker.


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12 years old track from the archives, depression, whatever it is, normal state of mind? devastating for some but might also be source of inspiration, pretty sure this was inspired by Nirvana.


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theres a nice instrumental trip for spaceheads and others..


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two more tracks added, polished little bit (background noises) this 3 year old bassline.


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theres this hard/heavy rock boom going on, nothing beats the originals


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bass guitar dance music, minä poika steppailen vaan…

VOID VATOR – stranded

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mediocre hard rock/heavy metal, only interesting thing was the intro riff to the 8th track, short reminder of the golden years of the 80s speed metal, then even that track turns into boring basic hard rock, at least the cover art tells whats going on in the brave new world right now.

BLACK PYRAMID – 10th anniversary tour

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remember adding a track to some droning earth volume, probably 10 years ago, never listened the full album before, quality heavy metal/doom grooves for the doomed and globally burned generation.


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minimalistic guitar/ambient + minimalistic vocals = maximum melancholia, wonderful deeply meditative experience.


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no worries, changed the OS again… at 1st this sounded like kyussish stoner/desert rock with unique female vocals, this girl can scream and sing, also some oriental vibes, heavier parts, whatever the genre is this 5-track EP made me craving for more KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ

SYREREGN – cogito ergo sum

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got the promo from KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ, downloaded mp3s, they were on my HD, deleted the promo mail, next time when thought to listen the album they were gone,  but i found this video so check it out.

IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS who are these (probably finnish) criminals always assaulting my computers/modems/TV-hubs, at least theres one criminal upstairs who always seem to know when i turn on the cable modem.

EARTH – full upon her burning lips

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a few days ago noticed earth released new album many months ago (tells how less i read magazines/follow antisocial manipulated medias nowadays), sounds amazing as usual, inspiring/haunting/relaxing slow riffage.


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acoustic improvisation from december 2016


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theres an great example (again) how to make interesting atmospheric music with only drums and bass guitar, theres no need for lyrics and egoistic vocalists/guitarists.

VVLVA – silhouettes

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if this music had a little bit o vinyl scratches like the good old LPs, you could think its from the late 60s/early 70s, heavy/hard rock as great as the originals, purple/heep/etc… world in sound


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CYCLES OF THE DAMNED – a time to survive

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probably the most heaviest LP ive ever heard, so heavy it sounds like carrying all the burdens of the modern street walking man, at times tho descending into lighter (darker) ambient parts reminding of the harvest by sea of bones.

STEELEYE SPAN – all around my hat

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…and this is what i listen nowadays..


SLAYER – live undead

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as much as im full of the internet nerds sending me their 666:s, slayer still kicks some serious ass, had Show no mercy, Haunting the chapel and this picture disc as a vinyl record clock on my wall.


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theres some brutal action…


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bonfire that many people have lost, massmurderers and neighbourstalkers for example.