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relaxing guitar drone for everyones relaxation needs..

BIG SCENIC NOWHERE – vision beyond horizon

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no matter what supergroupproject you start the result could be a disaster, not here, unique mix of different musical styles, laidback desert/stoner grooves, psychedelics and grunge, one of those albums you wanna listen more and more..HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS


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inspiring, mesmerizing one man show


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1st track to my next album, returning to old enthusiasm, electronic ambient, long time followers might remember the melody with different instrumentation.

DEEP PURPLE – live in london

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remember buying this as a cassette in early 80s, later found the LP from some Helsinki flea market, the 1st purple album and probably the best live album ive ever heard.


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dark, twisted, moody and melancholic atmospheres,  hazy and misty noise/ambient/darkjazz with sax and whispering male vocals, david lynch could use these on his movie soundtracks, definitely something else. SUBSOUNDRECORDs


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moody perfection, should be longer.

MOS GENERATOR – spontaneous combustions

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Spontaneous Combustions.png

back to heavy heaven, albumful of unreleased improvisations, bluesy/moody/heavyrock jams, 4x10min, at times was thinking of sweaty Gary Moore spitting out his blues solos, great soundtrack for hard days nights or heavy boozing parties. KOZMIKARTIFACTZ


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1st thought, nope, this is not for me but after listening few times its quite moody and soothing 60s style folk popper.

THIN LIZZY – black rose

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lyrics still actual


SANTAMUERTE – konokono

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Woah, this was surprisingly good, should i say brilliant, havent heard so cool garage rock LP in years, liked all the tracks, faster pieces, romantic/melancholic ballads and everything between, for some reason this made me wanna drink tableful of beers and smoke pocketful of cigarettes in some hazy 90s rocknroll bar. GODOWN

EARTH – within the drone

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documentary that was released with hibernaculum cd.

SUNNO ))) – frost

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morricone always inspiring, great cover, everyone who thinks to be a amazing musician should try to do at least one interesting instrumental.


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friday evening nostalgia, amazing LP only released in Finland


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this album is a wrap, next in line sketchbook II.

badly treated bass guitar with big muff, little bit manipulation

acoustic guitar improvisation from the past, effects added in the beginning, clean in the end part


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holy möly, one of the most experimental albums ive ever heard, 3 long tracks of so many layers and changes it might truly blow someones mind, drive someone insane; vocal chants, improvised instrumental pieces and other kind of weird noises, same time it amazes and mesmerizes, this might be a masterpiece of experimental music. SUBSOUNDRECORDS

ENHET FÖR FRI MUSIK – det finns ett hjärta som för dig

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GY9-5 Enhet For Fri Musik - Album Cover.jpg

strange LP that i can strangely compare to my own strange recordings, with an exception these minimalistic improvised tracks are made with guitar, saxophone, tape effects, field recordings and some of them have strange female vocals, if your musical taste is strange you might like this strangeness. GRAPEFRUIT

THE LU SILVER STRING BAND – rocknroll is here to stay

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nothing more than positively vibrating 60s/70s classic rock for fans of lynyrd skynyrd, molly hatchet, etc. GODOWNRECORDS


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agree with youtube commenter, wow; unique as always, haunting, mesmerizing…

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