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heavypsychsounds re-releasing 3 albums with some bonus tracks.

BORRACHO – border crossing

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borracho announcing the 1st groovy single from their upcoming album.


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laidback thick stoner groove in the spirit of kyuss, excellent soundtrack for hot and steamy beer-drinking sessions of the next summer or for the desert roadtrip of your life.



FLOATING WIDGET – the sounds of earth

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praises to the riff monolith, as the title of their earlier album, great-sounding stoner rock riff-wise but something is bothering me, maybe production values, should be dirtier and grittier, great to hear snake from voivod in the last track, the best track of this set.


KHON – where the demons play EP

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THIS took me back to times when hair was long and candlemass was the hottest thing on earth, guys dont tag themselves as doom metal but thats what this sounds to me, whatever, nostalgic 4 tracks of heavy metal.


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Artwork 1000.jpg

immediately hooked after the first crushing riffs.. thick low end stoner, psychedelic and blues in heavy harmony… sounding like recorded live in the middle of californian desert.. for fans of kyuss, los natas, etc.



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scent of a opened beer bottle, taste of desert sand in your mouth, sound of a corrupted cop car following you, mee maa mee maa, you know what i mean? kyussish stoner groove from atacama desert, get stoned and rock hard, its always better than being a governmental anti-robinhood.