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disturbing you with a new track, from experimental effects to clean acoustic.


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some strangers reminded me of this on soundcloud, full album here, other version here


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noticed better leave this 2007 underground hit untouched, track art updated to modern-day horrors


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Sly & The Family Drone Supernormal 2012 from Chris Purdie on Vimeo.


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Exercise one from Vesa Lähde on Vimeo.

honored that some people are still stealing my sounds, guess im doing something right, you havent lived if no one hates you…

ps. havent believed in play counters in years, they are just another form of internet manipulation, any nerd can download streaming vids and sounds..

EGB – hyenas

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2 first tracks for people to hate about.

VESA-MATTI LÄHDE – northern sensuality and brief harshness

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This is a wrap, 6-track EP, go ahead and buy something ya blog-browsing geekmeisters!