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SYREREGN – cogito ergo sum

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got the promo from KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ, downloaded mp3s, they were on my HD, deleted the promo mail, next time when thought to listen the album they were gone,  but i found this video so check it out.

IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS who are these (probably finnish) criminals always assaulting my computers/modems/TV-hubs, at least theres one criminal upstairs who always seem to know when i turn on the cable modem.

VVLVA – silhouettes

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if this music had a little bit o vinyl scratches like the good old LPs, you could think its from the late 60s/early 70s, heavy/hard rock as great as the originals, purple/heep/etc… world in sound


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BURIED FEATHER – cloudberry dreamshake

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smoothly flowing mind-melter borrowing everything necessary from the 60s psychedelic era, bringing the goodies back to these hectic times of face-melting frequencies and mind-blowing theories.

STATUS QUO – messages from the status quo

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if you want to dive into the original psychedelic artifacts, this is underrated and better than any beatles album

JIMI HENDRIX – war heroes

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been bit lazy to check out my spammed mails, mostly just garbage and junk, so heres one wonderful album from the legend, the 1st ever Hendrix album i heard somewhere in the 80s, and if youre reading my other blog this is also for the new world war heroes who tried to murder me yesterday… war heroes with invisible bullets.

BURIED FEATHER – nuclear suzi

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1st single/video from the upcoming album, quality 60s/70s psychedelic rock as their earlier work.