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amazes how fast psychedelic trio can play together, hendrix-influence is obvious just twice as faster, if youre looking for lame chorus-verse pop songs, keep on lookin’, after all are we just puppets in prisma circus stalked by satellite clowns from outer space ? who knows, but another perfect psych/hard rocker from WORLD-IN-SOUND

SAMSARA BLUES EXPERIMENT – one with the universe

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got this earlier from purple sage pr but its a joy to listen again (would listen it more if i had an LP), meditative out-of-this-world experience (or one-with-the-universe experience), on par with any led zeppelin album, maybe even better.


NECRO – adiante

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mushroom-fueled? retro psychedelia/hard/prog rock with female (and male) vocals, adventurous joyride thru brazilian wild and hazy wonderlands, among the best psychedelic LPs ive heard in a year or two.



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not for the sober, hendrix sounds like basic heavy rock after this, if you want endless psychedelic instrumental jams, this is a treat.



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beautiful sounding LP from the Cincinnati mushroom house, let me guess, even mushrooms were better in the 60s, now they are full of heavy metals.


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new wave of psychedelic rock going on and you rather listen old classics , for some reason people and music were happier in  the 60s/70s.


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