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was hurrying a bit with coverart, this will do.


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gotta say im bit tired of listening countless amount (like a trend) of 70s styled psychedelic rock, all bands start sounding the same, these electric ladyland covers sound much better, and the original LP as well.


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HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS – passage to agartha

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been following this duo (now for the 1st time in multi-coloured trio) and their ever-evolving progress since the beginning of times and this is definitely their masterpiece.


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red the sad saga of kingston wall/pete walli, so more finnish classics, top-notch psychedelic rock.

COMACOZER – helios hyperion

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astonishing live jam for astral travellers

AHKMED – the inland sea

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Ahkmed, familiar from droning earth vol6, still going on strong.