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KINGNOMAD – sagan om rymden

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this was a highly pleasant, refreshing experience, psychedelic space rock adventure reminding a bit of the 70s prog rock assault. RIPPLEMUSIC

HENDRIX – band of gypsys

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Luigi Migliaro · Jimi Hendrix- Machine Gun

If you havent heard this before youre surfing wrong blog.


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King Buffalo · Red Star Pt. 1 & 2

mesmerizing and relaxing psychedelic rock

ORGÖNE – mos/fet

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holy voyager, what an adventure, 80 mins of psychedelic egyptian space exploration, the most unique/interesting band ive heard in recent years.


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freebie sampler of their back catalogue.


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sounds like a unique mix of psychedelic/stoner/prog rock.


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bit lazy to listen the promo albums right now, so heres enjoyable space voyage.

GAUPA – feberdröm

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this isnt rock music, this is art, magnificent blend of stoner/psychedelia/folk/chanson, wasnt sure if i was listening heavy rock or classical composition, the lady can sing, at times reminding of björk. KOZMIKARTIFACTZ

MOTHER ISLAND – motel rooms

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Wow, gobsmacked, dancable fast-forward psychedelic/surf rock, also some rautalanka-vibe that is highly popular in Finland, could see this band sharing the stages of dance halls with the legendary finnish band Agents. GODOWN


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zeppelin/bolan/lennon/american roots music.. just few things this variation of tracks reminded of, captivating/surprising LP from start to finish. MRS RED SOUND

THUNDERBIRD DIVINE – the hand of man

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heavy psychedelic assault like the union of uriah heep and hawkwind, 3 tracks wasnt enough.

THE SONIC DAWN – hits of acid

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HAYVANLAR ALEMI – psychedelia in times of turbulence

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not sure what these guys been consuming, turkish delights maybe, but this is a helluva smooth instrumental voyage with loads of unique twists and turns. SUBSOUND

SONIC DAWN – enter the mirage

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if you love nuggets (original artyfacts from the first psychedelic era) this is a no-brainer, marvelous trip back to the 60s love and peace, every track shines. HEAVYPSYCH


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after seeing the cover art and bandname the 1st thought was very stoned dudes playing very slow and heavy; heavy was right, maybe stoned as well but this is also damn delicate psych blues rock that even jimi hendrix would wonder about… delightful experience. RIPPLEMUSIC


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moody magical psychedelic blues


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amazing old school psychedelic rock

GIÖBIA – plasmatic idol

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After a while some interesting new music, psychedelic rock that at times sounds like soundtrack in the style of Goblin, relaxing trip. HEAVYPSYCH

SYREREGN – cogito ergo sum

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got the promo from KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ, downloaded mp3s, they were on my HD, deleted the promo mail, next time when thought to listen the album they were gone,  but i found this video so check it out.

IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS who are these (probably finnish) criminals always assaulting my computers/modems/TV-hubs, at least theres one criminal upstairs who always seem to know when i turn on the cable modem.

VVLVA – silhouettes

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if this music had a little bit o vinyl scratches like the good old LPs, you could think its from the late 60s/early 70s, heavy/hard rock as great as the originals, purple/heep/etc… world in sound


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BURIED FEATHER – cloudberry dreamshake

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smoothly flowing mind-melter borrowing everything necessary from the 60s psychedelic era, bringing the goodies back to these hectic times of face-melting frequencies and mind-blowing theories.

STATUS QUO – messages from the status quo

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if you want to dive into the original psychedelic artifacts, this is underrated and better than any beatles album

JIMI HENDRIX – war heroes

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been bit lazy to check out my spammed mails, mostly just garbage and junk, so heres one wonderful album from the legend, the 1st ever Hendrix album i heard somewhere in the 80s, and if youre reading my other blog this is also for the new world war heroes who tried to murder me yesterday… war heroes with invisible bullets.

BURIED FEATHER – nuclear suzi

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1st single/video from the upcoming album, quality 60s/70s psychedelic rock as their earlier work.

ECSTATIC VISION – for the masses

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probably heard too much similar psychedelic jams, tried to like this but nope, continuous one bass riff in all tracks, improvised guitar, vocals thru megaphone, maybe guys are bit too ecstatic and stoned, maybe you have to be stoned to dig these jams? HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS


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psychedelic from start to finish, make more music less manipulated children.

FEDERALE all the colours of the dark
MYSTIC BRAVES under control
THE 1969 magdalan green, slight return
LOS TONES manipulation
VIETNAM FLASHBACKS vietnam flashback
KELLI SCHAEFER mr madison avenue
INDIRA stereoscope jerk explosion
NABUCCO DINOSAUR scratch scratch
ZONE SIX excerpt from side A


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relaxing live southern/psychedelic rock


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wonderful mix of blues, jazz, folk and psychedelic rock.


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