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fantastico psyrock sudamericano, debut album out.

WHITENAILS – first trip

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psych rock, acid rock, heavy rock??.. cant compare this to anything, what i remember from promo mail there was a mention about turbonegro, never listened that band, dunno why, but interestingly vintage and twisted, just like the cover art.


COMACOZER – kalos eidos skopeo

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first-class psychedelic space doom odyssey that will take you from the edge of your sofa to inner expeditions of your mind and body…mind-bending and hypnotic from start to finish…



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simply the best instrumentals ive heard in a while, unique stonerpsychedelicprogressive concept album starting from building a new ship ending to a test flight around the universe and beyond, takes you out there, guaranteed, guitarist is insane, insanely great, no words can describe this awesomeness, just go, get it and enjoy the fantastic voyage.



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what i can tell from one track, sounds like hawkwind/on parole-era motörhead, LP from totem cat.


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Feorm – Blurred By Light from Feorm on Vimeo.

guys announcing their 2nd album, bit lazy to download huge .wav files with slow conn, mp3s rather, so few words based on video track and the 1st album, different kinda kosmische instrumental, ambient hypnotic feel, total relaxation.

LEE VAN CLEEF – holy smoke

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inspiring slow jams to pour down couple of heinekens, viva sabata!