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EGB reviver of colors

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if you dig old earth live takes like i do, this is a must to listen.

ECHOES OF YUL cold ground

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great ambient metal, got also a mediafire link, adding it later if its to be shared.

EGB harvester

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variations on effects.


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“Every penny paid for this compilation will be donated to Mental Health America. The download comes with a PDF of Connecticut photography.
Recommended donation: $5”

ps. something is fucked up in Finland too,  we have more school massacres than in USA.

HOUDINI purging the soul

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new houdini, thought this project is dead and gone, there was some nice houdini droners on early droning earth volume,s its good to hear some real drone than all that pingpongyingyangzigzagelectroniccrap people send me, 1st 2 tracks are my favorites quality drones, then other 2, 3rd is for dark ambient fans and 4th sounded bit too similar,  well take a listen, some ambient label should release this,  an lp, and then send one for me.


EGB song for the duckling

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song_for_the_duckling (1)

simple little grunger, varying fx on every part.


ICE DRAGON Season of Decay b​/​w The Humble Titan

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this was a pleasant surprise from ice dragon, not doom at all, maybe a hint, but 1st track sounds like a great neil young tune, 2nd track is also a nice folk rocker turning into weird ambient in the middle.

EGB street walkin blues

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another play-it-forget-it-go-for-a-walk-song,  you should take a hike too, its good for you, you blog browsing skunks!

ASPEN video

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these guys have a new video up, this amazing track also on vol45, if i remember right.

EGB buffalo stomp

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hmm not so sure about this anymore,  sounded good when played it, upload it anyway, hate or not.  simple idea, 1st take, i dont believe in playing same tracks 100 times, theres enough perfectionists polluting ipods and the airwaves.


SÁDON earth

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this was an unknown pleasure from st. petersburg, very nice guitar sounds, vocals, ambience. if you need a video,  i could do something.


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my mix of sleep, data track:

and video for other magnificent SLEEP, DATA track coming HERE (still rendering, should be there later today), minimalistic footage from the bay of old helsinki.

THE INNER SHORE mental landscapes

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yea, this is quality ambient, it would fit to some suspence/thriller/horror movie as an ambient background.

download HERE

EGB sundancer

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another minimalistic improvised surrur.

EGB presence

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BUTTONHEAD 3d opera whale

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LP came today, thanks whoever sent it, dont remember your name. Add some review when listened.

others can listen some digital mp3 streams here,

What a strange lp, dreamyprogressivemusicalsoundtrack, a theme album i guess,
there should be some booklet or at least lyric sheet to open up little bit
more whats this all about. But i liked it, like some weird finding from the flea
market, timeless, could be done in 60s or 70s.

FLOCK OF CROWS the prophet killed

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no time to listen whole thing now, listened some, there might some interesting surrur, check it in yourselfishness and leave a comment.



T.G. OLSON songs of Woody Guthrie

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EGB moodswitcher

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written a bunch of stoner rock/doom metal tracks during years, would be nice to get a real drummer.


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quite disturbing, is the 1st thing came into mind while trying to listen this, try yourself.

ps. also got my “rights” back to droning earth cover arts, misunderstanding like i thought, some new designs up too, so dont just sit there like a facebook moron, order some!

J ROSS chikhai bardo

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J ROSS chikhai bardo from Vesa Lähde on Vimeo.

hazy clips from firefolk show.

CLAYMATION mourning rituals

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this kinda platforms are nice. no need for money hungry major label to release an album anymore.



THE HOLOCENE the messel pit tapes

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enjayable manipulatedtapeloopguitarsoundexperimentalambient

OUTSIDE THE AIR petit exterieur

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ZERO012 - Outside the Air - Petit extérieur
top-notch french ambientpostrock, some downloads from label’s site



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support my work, order some shirts.