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this dude is amazing, original psychedelic music.

LIGHTNIN HOPKINS – lightnin strikes

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collected some blues vinyl too, lightnin strikesĀ  like a zap to your head.


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Rarely hear interesting drone/ambient nowadays, this captures the desolate/solitudy/melancholic feel of earth’s crooked axis for string quartet.


VVLVA – path of virtue

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join the voyage to the spicy german underground where everything is green, black and submarine purple-hazed, a delicious blend of kraut, psychedelic and uriahheepism..


KILLER BOOGIE – atomic race

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killer track from upcoming album heavypsychsounds

GYPSY SUN REVIVAL – journey outside of time

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holy geezer, this was a pleasant surprise, outstanding hendrixque heavy psych with sweetly grinding organ, original riffing, laidback vocals etc.. could take a cadillac ride to mexico too.. NASONI RECORDS


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heavypsychsounds re-releasing 3 albums with some bonus tracks.