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Cellista — When The War Began
Deep man experience — Dissonante Corde
Grey Heaven Grey Earth — Eternal Orchids
Utu Lautturi — First Snow
Vatch23 — The Rulers Cruelty
No Mates Ensemble — Joy As A Threat (Dani Kirby/Mat Ward)
Chris Lane` — Upon Arriving
Loo(p)cy — The Sea Mouth
IV (Isaiah/Vail) — Flat Map
Ilta Hämärä – Sauvo
Cousin Silas — Hey! You Selling Soundcloud Likes, Ain’t You Got A Purty Mouth
Noise From The Echoes — Mystery
Gideon Wolf – Falling
Schrei der Natur — Outro
Billy Gashade — Spaghetti East Meets West [demo 2]
Owt Kri — The Stream
Peace.Coyote — Old Buildings
Makoto Kawabata — The Man From Earth on Saturn
Peals – Before and After (Edit)
Solar Kama Sutra — Pilgrimage

THE SWELL FELLAS – the great play of extension

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interesting mind-bending twist and turns on this little EP, prog rock in the spirit of rush and the 70s.



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avant-garde or work of a madman?

WINO – cvlt nation live

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8th track is very manipulated as our minds.

HENDRIX – band of gypsys

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Luigi Migliaro · Jimi Hendrix- Machine Gun

If you havent heard this before youre surfing wrong blog.

BILLY BLAKE BAND – b2 heavy bomber

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amazing heavy spring jams, someone should release this on vinyl.