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not a big jazz enthusiast but this is a nice piece of vinyl, interesting basslines.


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still sounds fresher/better than any newer stoner rock band.


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NEH CZNEG – tristesse

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good to hear old mate neh czneg is still doing his haunting/relaxing/inspiring soundscapes, finest quality dark ambient.

ANNA – sweets

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weird folk i reckon, despite of the cover art (cover is ok but doesnt match the music), the four first tracks could be on a soundtrack of the wicker man (original version).

HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS – passage to agartha

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been following this duo (now for the 1st time in multi-coloured trio) and their ever-evolving progress since the beginning of times and this is definitely their masterpiece.

BLACK YO)))GA – earth portals

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if normal yoga feels bit bland, paint it black with these tunes.


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ETHEREAL RIFFIAN – wakan tanka & documentary

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take a steady asana and check these guys out, shed light on your existence. CAMP


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do you need more space jams, i dont know, but heres cosmic vibrations from oulu.


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red the sad saga of kingston wall/pete walli, so more finnish classics, top-notch psychedelic rock.

HIGH AURA’D – No River Long Enough Doesn’t Contain a Bend

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gotta say the intro track is tasty.

COMACOZER – helios hyperion

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astonishing live jam for astral travellers

WIGWAM – luulosairas

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…and finnish classics now and then.

AHKMED – the inland sea

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Ahkmed, familiar from droning earth vol6, still going on strong.

COSMOS – s/t

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sometimes some gems i happen to listen

NEIL YOUNG – like a rolling stone

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got this dvd among some LPs years ago, watched yesterday, nothing new, too many talking heads too less music, felt asleep twice while watching, but its Neil Young and the story of his first decade.

HANOI ROCKS – back to mystery city

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mentioned hanoi rocks, the 2nd best finnish rock group of all time, in my other blog, so one from my collection.