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psych jam-kinda stoner cant get much better than this, 5 tracks of fantastic slow riffing, hendrix-influences here and there, from oak island records, LP distributed by kozmik artifactz.

SOLAR MAXIMUM – Black Triangles​/​ExtraDimensional Love

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two relaxing two-bass drones for your next road trip, new dimension in their music is the poetry in the 2nd track.


NIGHTSTALKER – as above, so below

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unnecessary to repeat what i think of stalkers and law-breaking law enforcement, this stalker is full of heavy groove, sweetly rolling riffs, catchy melodies and steppenwolfy attitude. brilliance from start to finish. released by oak island records, distributed by kozmik artifactz.

SUN DAGGER – american night

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sounds like this quartet is improvising, maybe little bit stoned too, creating an relaxing instrumental atmosphere.


THE FREEKS – shattered

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punk rock the stooges-way, some psychedelics, kicks buttocks.


GLITTER WIZARD – hollow earth tour

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retro heavy rock freaks will ejaculate while listening this, progressivepsychedelicglamrocking epic with no fillers.