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listen some real music..

HALF MOON – fire of life

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as some eager followers might remember i had this minimalistic punk rock/blues project about 3 years ago, heres the best bits, most of the tracks are 1st takes as usual.


RED FEATHER – in the sun EP

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Red Feather - In The Sun (EP) - cover.png

primitive-sounding laidback psychedelic rocker, lo-fi production (or no production at all) is a treat to my ears, a good example that good music is good even if theres no good 4-dimension sound from good 3-way speakers.


NONE – nothing is right

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haunting, desolate, brilliant cold wave.


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sorry heavy rock dudes, more ambient, like jon lord kicking out the ambient jams, mesmerizing.


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familiar from one or two droning earth comps, pictoresque folk ambient.


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awesome compilation LP from 1970,  why theres no music like this anymore? much more inspiring than these new so-called hits.