GIN LADY – tall sun crooked moon

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forgotten LP from the 60s/70s flowerfilled love-fueled america? unbelievably catchy hard/country rock reminding of (to name a few) kiss, canned heat, lynyrd skynyrd, grateful dead, neil young.. KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ

THE RE-STONED – rams head

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everyone who thinks to be an awesome musician should try to do at least one interesting instrumental, if music is good theres no need for lyrical boloney, heres albumful of innovative psychedelic grooves for heavy and deep relaxation. KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ


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when its so easy to make a nice flowing playlist of soundcloud tracks, makes me wonder if its worth the hassle doing downloadable droning earth comps anymore, artists are not answering mails/msgs, or maybe theyre arent getting the mails/msgs because everything seems to be manipulated in Internet nowadays.


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worn out phrase, mesmerizing…


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Perkele!, what happened to justice in this corrupted world of stalking?


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beauty of minimalism