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bit of nostalgia after few beers..


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astounding mix of drone and psychedelic rock

DAVID GARLAND – color piece

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listened this beautiful track because it was recommended as similar to my album on bandcamp, words by Yoko Ono.


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unarmed pedestrians are zapped, air smells polluted, clouds taste satanic… this band still amazes, two monstrous over 20 min instrumentals with plenty of twists, riffs and turns for halloween freaks and doomsday preppers


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smell the chemical air, taste the new instru-mental, crowds worshipping the latest cult leader, polician or a band? hard to see the difference, mushroom cloud in the end, signs of the times..


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another classic, climate change wasnt an issue among youth in the 80s, it was the political climate, which one of the rednecks presses the button 1st, when the next chernobyl explodes..


CRO-MAGS – age of quarrel

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cool to find all these childhood soundtracks from youtube, this is a fucking classic too, still sounds fresh and  kicks your butt more than new lame bands, but whats the difference between Youtube sharing all the music (are artists getting paid?) than these so called “criminals”, napster, megaupload, etc.. im so sorry if my thoughts are insulting people and multinatinal corporations, let me know when thinking is illegal …