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cosmic video for a cool track


BLACK RAINBOWS – cosmic ritual supertrip

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summer, beer, women, desert highways, 90s hazy rock pubs, solitude, total relaxation… some things listening this brought to mind; groovy riffing, great sounding production, nice variety of tracks, supertrip indeed, classic album of the future decades?


BLACK RAINBOWS – universal phase

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video as cool as earths tallahassee


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feast of dark jazz/doom/drone metal with haunting female vocals.


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strange album, 1st time i hated it, now gave it a 2nd spin with better listening equipment while doing some coverart and thought its inspiring, adventurous, mind-bending, not as easy-listenable than some other stoned rocks. GODOWN

MOTHER ISLAND – motel rooms

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Wow, gobsmacked, dancable fast-forward psychedelic/surf rock, also some rautalanka-vibe that is highly popular in Finland, could see this band sharing the stages of dance halls with the legendary finnish band Agents. GODOWN

BEESUS – 3eejus

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strangest LP ive heard in years, adventurous fuzz rock making your mind wander here and there never guessing what comes next, probably just easier to float in the fuzzflow. GODOWN