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HUMULUS – the deep

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after the 1st basic stoner doom riffer album dives deeper with the holy ones, from the heavy waters to the milder and moody atmospheric depths, getting better and better track by track until the listener is swimming happily (ever after) with the deep-sea creatures. KOZMIKARTIFACTZ

LICANTROPY – extrabiliante

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3 wolfmen in mexican outfits playing psychedelic garage rock might sound like a joke but tracks are actually great; synth/organ-powered humour-fueled action reminds at times of the craziness of finnish band eläkeläiset. GODOWN

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio

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enchanting flutedronekrautspaceambientexperimental

GIÖBIA – plasmatic idol

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After a while some interesting new music, psychedelic rock that at times sounds like soundtrack in the style of Goblin, relaxing trip. HEAVYPSYCH


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memorable tv-series and soundtrack from the 70s, is there music like this anymore?


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dark, twisted, moody and melancholic atmospheres,  hazy and misty noise/ambient/darkjazz with sax and whispering male vocals, david lynch could use these on his movie soundtracks, definitely something else. SUBSOUNDRECORDs

SANTAMUERTE – konokono

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Woah, this was surprisingly good, should i say brilliant, havent heard so cool garage rock LP in years, liked all the tracks, faster pieces, romantic/melancholic ballads and everything between, for some reason this made me wanna drink tableful of beers and smoke pocketful of cigarettes in some hazy 90s rocknroll bar. GODOWN