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EGB – hyenas

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2 first tracks for people to hate about.

MISFITS – walk among us

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soundcloud horror punks reminded me of the brilliant LP, and how actual this track is now, hatebreeders fucking with our minds.


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was listening birds of fire again, amazing LP, is it even possible this kinda bands exists nowadays?


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gonna get this project done next, the one i started somewhere in 2015

PELEGRIN – al mahruqa

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bit here and somewhere between time and space with this one, skillfully played moody progressive/post rock with eastern vibe similar to OM, something is missing, theres no stairway to heaven or something to remember afterwards but for sure theres some relaxing music for slow moments of life.

ps. cant upload coverart for some reason, find it yourself

PEER GÜNT – backseat

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Heres a good example of real rocknroll for the new so called rock bands who are just making lyrics and coverart for trolls and spammers, the closest thing to motörhead finland has to offer.


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Been wondering for years should I ban all emails coming from gmail. When I used gmail years ago it felt manipulated like facebook, now all people who send me mail from gmail feel like spammers, also promo people acting like spammers or your accounts are manipulated too, and the most of the music sent to me is quite bad, so bad I rather not write anything about it. Also when google bought blogspot I had strange difficulties writing posts so I had to change to wordpress. Now I have this android based TV hub that was hacked/manipulated too.

Based on my experiences i dare to say Google/Facebook have too much power, they think they are some kinda gods, they can totally isolate people, they can manipulate people to mass murders, violence and suicides.