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VVLVA – path of virtue

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join the voyage to the spicy german underground where everything is green, black and submarine purple-hazed, a delicious blend of kraut, psychedelic and uriahheepism..


GYPSY SUN REVIVAL – journey outside of time

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holy geezer, this was a pleasant surprise, outstanding hendrixque heavy psych with sweetly grinding organ, original riffing, laidback vocals etc.. could take a cadillac ride to mexico too.. NASONI RECORDS

RED FEATHER – in the sun EP

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Red Feather - In The Sun (EP) - cover.png

primitive-sounding laidback psychedelic rocker, lo-fi production (or no production at all) is a treat to my ears, a good example that good music is good even if theres no good 4-dimension sound from good 3-way speakers.



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psychdoomgrooverock with sabbathian roots, doom riff still twisting to new dimensions, enjoyable, probably sounds much better from vinyl, these mp3s sound bit clinical, this damned age of digital bullshit.


MISSISSIPPI BONES – 2600 A.D. and other astonishing tales

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in my music-melted brain this goes to category too-well-produced hard/heavy rock, music you hear from radio rock, the closest thing this reminds me of is nickelback and that might be an insult or a compliment?


GREENBEARD – lödarödböl

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kozmik artifactz vinylizing this in europe, someone told me, sounds like groovy mix of psychedelic/stoner rock


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this didnt sound like an fully produced/mastered album, more like a demo tape but i like demos, music is a unique mix of the new wave of british heavy metal, black sabbath and stoner rock…there was only a band logo and live pic attached with the tracks so did this picture (while listening) in the spirit of nirvanas bleach, use it if ya want.