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SUA-HIAM-ZUN – scattered purgatory

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latest from utech records, i call this oriental kraut-drone, soothing rhythms, synths, some stringed instrument? and more… to sum it up, convincing meditative soundscapes that will help you thru your daily purgatory.


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something strange and mysterious…

ASHTORETH – offering I

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its probably this time of the year, drone music sounds interesting again, bit tired of those choruses, verses and lyrics, heres some meditative shamanistic drone from the belgian woods.


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fantastico psyrock sudamericano, debut album out.


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…and once in a while some beautiful ambient. CAMP

GHAZM – dethrone the DJs

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cinematic, warm drone rock band as they describe it, highly meditative too as you can hear from the 1st track, acoustic instruments, effects, throat singing, nintendo DS?… and the end product sounds fresh and innovative in the world of drone.



BARRABAS – wild safari

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deliciously funky & groovy prog rock LP.

WHITENAILS – first trip

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psych rock, acid rock, heavy rock??.. cant compare this to anything, what i remember from promo mail there was a mention about turbonegro, never listened that band, dunno why, but interestingly vintage and twisted, just like the cover art.


VENETIAN VEIL – no bridge

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when seeing the tracklist i thought this is just another depressing album, but i was surprised, its sad, melancholic like lars von triers movies (some of them), gloomy, beautiful and theres something gothic like in joy division (3rd and 6th track).


Grey Malkin’s Acid Folk Overview — MOOF

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Rarely share posts from other blogs but this is Grey Malkin from The Hare and The Moon (familiar from some droning earth compilations as well) sharing his favorite acid folk albums.

Grey Malkin, known for creating spectacularly spooky Wyrd folk via The Hare and The Moon, runs through some of his all-time favourite acid folk records…

via Grey Malkin’s Acid Folk Overview — MOOF


PERKELE – Göteborg EP

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After hearing too much depressing music, where musician wants to die or hopes that other people die (finnish top40 songs are depressing too), its refreshing to listen this kinda melodic punk rock, track so good it makes me wanna pack my bags and move to göteborg immediately, OI OI OI! Guys have other amazing tracks too.


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was reading the memoirs of kauko röyhkä, virallinen, and found this excellent minimalistic track, you never see this kinda tracks on finnish top40 shitlists.

THE EXPLOITED – lets start a war…

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another brilliant lp from my collection, music- and lyricswise, why so many people hate punk bands? because they tell the fucking truth.. and bloody actual now when building bigger and bigger warheads is trendy again.


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geist & the sacred ensemble, you never know what they do next. hats off to all artists who do what they want to do and doesnt care what others want them to do.

DEVIN HOFF – astarte

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posted this earlier after listening some stream, now got a change to listen the full album, as i said earlier “one man show at its finest”, mysterious and mesmerizing contrabass that drone freaks, OM fans, ambient, folk and classical music geeks can enjoy.



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as we say in finland “leave your brains to cloakroom”, get drunk, regret nothing…so to speak this could be a soundtrack of one of those nights.. seven ass-whipping in-your-face desert/hard rock songs including a cover of sabbaths “lady evil”.