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mesmerizing mix of strangeness; drones/shamanic drums/esoteric vocals/guitar solos/ambient noises/etc. looped in real time, 22 min promoMP3 was just too short. SUBSOUND

HAYVANLAR ALEMI – psychedelia in times of turbulence

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not sure what these guys been consuming, turkish delights maybe, but this is a helluva smooth instrumental voyage with loads of unique twists and turns. SUBSOUND


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STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – inflammable material

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new world music so depressing at times, are drugs so bad nowadays?  gotta listen energetic classics.


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bit of nostalgia after few beers..

VAISSEAU – horrors waiting in line

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synth and drums instrumental, was in some kinda nostalgic trance while listening, reminded of all those amazing horror/scifi soundtracks of the 80s,
damn beautiful and mesmerizing. TOTEMCAT



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DISCHARGE – new world order

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was curious to check if these guys are still around, very much so.



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astounding mix of drone and psychedelic rock

DOZER – in the tail of a comet

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theres a hole in my stoner rock knowledge, never heard this before; kyussish laidback crunchy groovefest for easy ridin’ high rollin’ times HEAVYPSYCH

EMILE – the black spider / det kollektive selvmord

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like 2 albums in one, side A is 60s style folk/psychedelia with english lyrics, side B experimental surreal droning atmospheres with danish lyrics, both sides relaxing. HEAVYPSYCH


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2nd track acoustic purple hazed dreamscape

SONIC DAWN – enter the mirage

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if you love nuggets (original artyfacts from the first psychedelic era) this is a no-brainer, marvelous trip back to the 60s love and peace, every track shines. HEAVYPSYCH

…and the reindeers made love

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intro track to electric lapland VII, improvised acoustic guitar with effects.

SPACETRUCKER – king cheeto

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theres some trumpy action.


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flowing almost radio-friendly stoner rock/metal