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Om + Dead Skeletons – The Button Factory, Dublin 27/09/2012 [Live FLAC Recording]

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Noise Not Music

Poster by Gavin Beattie from Tiny Little Horse.

I’ll just post the info file for the Om recording, the Dead Skeletons show has its own info in th RAR archive but the only main difference is the track timing details.

The Button Factory
Dublin, Ireland
2012-09-27, 27th September 2012


Source: Edirol R-09 inbuilt mics @ 96khz/24bit (Low cut off, Low gain setting > FLAC 44khz/16bit
Location: Standing to right of stage, midway betwen soundboard and stage

Total Running time: 1hr 1min [280mb]

01 [09:13]
02 [08:19]
03 [09:14]
04 [08:53]
05 [12:17]
06 [13:28]



Solid sounding show from the OM guys, not as loud as the last time I saw them but that might be down to the venues sound engineer. The new keyboardist/guitarist is a great addition. Om were scheduled to play an hour and a half but due to problems between them and…

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LCOMA fennesz

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LCOMA Fennesz from Vesa Lähde on Vimeo.

DEREK JARMAN in the shadow of the sun

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UMBER earth feet, lifted

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another great freebie from hawk moon records, ambient/post-rock.


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very nice set of noise/ambient. noise doesnt have to make your ears bleed.


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if you know hawk moon records, you know what youre getting, ambient/postrock/etc. wil bolton’s track is an example of great minimalism.


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nice norwegian surrur.

EGB coyotes

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and shameless self promotion, these tracks sound even better after years, might start making real drone again. any slow bassist or drummer around helsinki, or other side of the world?, contact.

NORTHUMBRIA black sea of trees

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amazing guitar&bassdronemetalambient.

“Northumbria will be releasing their debut album this summer through Montreal based TQA records, and later on in the year on vinyl through Heat Death records”

GOBLIN GUTS global cuts vol1

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can jazz be good? **** yeah.


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well, well, well, noise. lot of people seems to like this (142 likes), but i have heard lots of similar stuff.

EGB northern light

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?ALOS ricamatrici

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music cant go much more experimental and stranger than this. sewing machines, piano, weird vocals, electronics. re-release of 2009 album downloadable here.

COZY DOE subtler realms

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1st track isnt best offering here, but then starts gettin interesting. if i understood right, this is one woman experimentalinstrumentaldronefeedbackshoegazingband.

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Jenks Miller of Horseback lays aside his shrieks of anguish and repetetive droning guitar figures, and teams up with Heather McEntire on vocals to create some pretty neat americana that would sit nicely on the shelf beside Hiss Golden Messenger. Merge has their self titled debut up for pre-order on limited edition vinyl, and has already scheduled a second release for early 2013. Listen below the blurb.

“On October 2, Merge Records will release the self-titled debut album from North Carolina’s Mount Moriah on limited-edition LP. Available for the first time on vinyl, Mount Moriah was described by NPR Music as “an infectious brew of gospel, folk, rock and country that asks questions of the establishment while looking at love from every angle.”

The band will follow up the vinyl release of its debut album with a brand-new full-length in early 2013. Mount Moriah will also perform as part…

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NADJA dagdrøm

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new nadja, no reviews needed.


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massive epic ambientsludgemetal.


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seem to have page too, updated yesterday, 2 older dronings listenable there, R’lyeh & NHS3.

theres some hiphop album from the group with same name, have nothing to do with that.


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old but good, sweet droneambient with flute.


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quality atmoshpheric dronedoom/ambient. CAMP


ps2. tells much about finnish mentality, i got loads of good feedback around the world during years, but finnish nerds are just depressed sick kids or childlike adults, stalking/spamming/hate mail/hacking/fake facebook profiles/etc..


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this was a test how drum sample with delay follows E-string.

MONTIBUS COMMUNITAS Hacia aquellos bosques de inmensidad

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nice improvised instrumental folk. CAMP


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Madlene – Spell from GreteL on Vimeo.


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some kinda improvisation noise. archive

AEON-LOST dream bleed

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well-made dronedarkambient, free download


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GreteL – Chess Room from GreteL on Vimeo.

FINS lawnmower 7″

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this was a quick listen, 4 tracks under 10mins, sounds like it could be recorded in 70s or 80s, mixture of melodic punk and black flag type straighforward punkrock (last track). one track streamable here


MERLIN the night terror EP

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droneambientnoiseexperimental, doesnt stand out from the crowd of similar releases, but listen yourself, its free


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these guys sent their new album, tracks varying from 18 minutes to 1 hour, 1st track starts with nice indian chanting and slowly turns into ambient, some tracks has noise parts that makes ears bleed, l their older album HERE