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updated cover art. CAMP

CHARGED G.B.H. – city baby attacked by rats

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was listening some hardcore punk from my original LP collection while working out like jane fonda, includes timeless classics like “slut”, “i am the hunted” and “the prayer of a realist”.

KINGSNAKE – resonance

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tight grooves, cromagnonic singing, shades of blues, definitely great times to every beer-filled mancave out there.


NICK OLIVERI – N.O. hits at all vol3

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Oliveri on the loose again delivering no hits at all, unreleased track from kyuss lives, mob rules black sabbath cover, etc.. so keep your shotguns ready for hitmakers

ps. actually MEDICATION is quite catchy rocknroll, so maybe theres hit potential, reminds of Andy McCoys solo album.


VOID CRUISER – wayfarer

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laidback stoner space metal, arctic bastard child of kyuss and hawkwind,
groovy relaxing cruise thru the heavyness and void of the andromeda galaxy,
put your damn space helmet on and get ready to fly high again.



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doom metal, and traditional heavy rock, can still be interesting (sometimes think heard it all), especially with innovative riffs and skillful female vocals, at times this lady sounds like janis joplin.




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Feorm – Blurred By Light from Feorm on Vimeo.

guys announcing their 2nd album, bit lazy to download huge .wav files with slow conn, mp3s rather, so few words based on video track and the 1st album, different kinda kosmische instrumental, ambient hypnotic feel, total relaxation.


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space bass for moped gals.

LEE VAN CLEEF – holy smoke

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inspiring slow jams to pour down couple of heinekens, viva sabata!


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unintelligent music for stupid kids.


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monarch announcing new album from profound lore

DEVIN HOFF – solo bass

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now and then gonna dig out interesting albums from bandcamp,  heres cool bass improvisations.


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something listened on bandcamp, soulbrother from mexico.

RESIN – breathing frequencies

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rarely someone sends me albumful of stoner doom nowadays, at least this kinda progressive old schoolish with dirty production values, and dirty means good, again my 1st thought (tells more than 100 pics) was somewhere between slowed down hendrix jam and earth, so relaxing jams for relaxing yoga moments, singer sounds quite disturbing but its the name of the game, as you can see from the coverart.


ELECTRIC LORDS – high voltage kingdom

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refreshing energetic high voltage stoner influenced by QOTSA, kyuss, fu manchu, etc. promo sheet describes it as psychedelic too but i think its raw in-your-face feel-good rocknroll, gotta mention girl bangs those cans harder than many lazy drummer dudes.


DEADSMOKE – mountain legacy

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monolithic, crushing, heavy like a hangover banging your skull without mercy, better just quote the promo sheet: “Slow, hypnotic, dissonant cadences recall the eternal need for isolation and the atavistic fear of nothingness. Sub-frequencies corrode the one last trace of human cognition, apprehension and judgment. Your soul is already burned, smoke is what remains.”