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lack of updates, been busy fighting the world and writing a fistful of essays… heres original 70s acid rock re-released by HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS, bandpics look like taken yesterday, music sounds damn cool, groovy, authentic and fresh..

T.G.OLSON – earthen pyramid

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great western rock as usual.

ROBERT HEEL – prairie

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interestingly evolving ambient, like audiobook without words.


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too short but sweet…ambient…from unknown country.


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dont we all need some relaxing drone/ambient in the middle of this hate/war/radiation/oxidativestress -period, people seem to be so uptight all around the world, and after all this also drone/ambient blog but good music is harder to find now when soundcloud removed groups and facebook is what it is…

BISMUT – schwerpunkt

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what i hear from one-sided headphones is top of the instrumental desert/space jam rocks, recorded in one take as real music is done, somehow reminded me of naam, are those guys still around? mixture of naam/hawkwind/something, sounds unique tho.