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Rarely hear this many genres on one album, theres gospel, blues, roots, stoner, 70s rock, punk and more in a twisted unique mixture of boozeful coolness, KOZMIK ARTIFACTZreleasing a well-deserved vinyl of selected tracks from their two EPs.

DUEL – witchbanger

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influences from old school doom/heavy metal/hard rock, could call it doom rock, but call it what you want, its 8 killer tracks of groove-laden, skull-burning, witch-banging, hotter than hell misfits metal from the neighbourhood of the texas chainsaw massacre.


KITCHEN WITCH – back to the mud EP

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1st track didnt get me over-excited, starting from the 2nd nicely flowing EP, difficult to name the exact genre, mixture of hard rock, heavy rock, metal, grunge, blues and soulful female vocals. favorite track the 2nd, ‘its okay’ slightly reminding of dead moons underground hit, ending to the garymoorish blues. also the 5th with the droney start is interestingly weird, tribal and mystical. CAMP

BURIED FEATHER mind of the swarm

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more psychedelic than the first psychedelic era.. even though the tracks are quite different the album floats like a hypnotic voyage through the center of your brainwashed mind, a cleansing trip you never want to end.. quite early to choose the album of the year but this could be the one.. released on february 10th by cobra snake necktie records & kozmik artifactz.


HURRIGANES – hot wheels

Posted in classic rock, finland, LP collection, rock, rocknroll on December 27, 2016 by vesalahde

maybe not their best LP, but still the greatest finnish band.

THE CLAMPS blend, shake, swallow

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some might label this as stoner or punk rock as well but i say its juts tight ass rocknroll, groovy fast-forward fresh-sounding riffing, reminds me of the finest moments of finnish bands peer günt and backsliders, no gimmicks, no fillers, just dirty rocknroll in your dirty fuckin face.


NICK OLIVERI – N.O. hits at all VOL1

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compilation of Oliveris vocals with different bands he has recorded with during the past 25 years, some tracks previously released some not, theres punk rock, metal, motorhead cover, etc. and the best thing theres no hits at all, hits are usually shits.