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gotta say im bit tired of listening countless amount (like a trend) of 70s styled psychedelic rock, all bands start sounding the same, these electric ladyland covers sound much better, and the original LP as well.

NEIL YOUNG – like a rolling stone

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got this dvd among some LPs years ago, watched yesterday, nothing new, too many talking heads too less music, felt asleep twice while watching, but its Neil Young and the story of his first decade.

HANOI ROCKS – back to mystery city

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mentioned hanoi rocks, the 2nd best finnish rock group of all time, in my other blog, so one from my collection.


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as we say in finland “leave your brains to cloakroom”, get drunk, regret nothing…so to speak this could be a soundtrack of one of those nights.. seven ass-whipping in-your-face desert/hard rock songs including a cover of sabbaths “lady evil”.


SPECTRAL HAZE – turning electric

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as close as you can get to hawkwind these days, fast psychedelic groove voyage around the multiverse, astral journey thru cosmos, ghost-like echoes of humanity, gloomy, doomy, fantasticular.


GIN LADY – electric earth

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GIN LADY - Electric Earth COVER.jpg

catchy hard rock from woodstock times or a band from Sweden of the recent years? authentic 60s/70s rock with a modern touch. did i understood the lyrics, guys have something against freedom riders but they wanna dance with flower people, i think flower people were all about freedom too.


PENDEJO – cantos a la vida

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tighter than tight latin-american stoner from netherlands, the 1st album gettin a deserved vinyl treatment from KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ