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MUSIC FROM THE FILM – easy rider / che!

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obviously bought this because of the easy rider soundtrack just to find out its not the original, worth checking anyway, more interesting is the the b-side with relaxing latin jazz rhythms with panflute or something..

MOVE – shazam

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Depressmusic floating to my emails, like theres no hope left in this universe? Tired even checking those albums full of misery, death, depression and insults. Heres a forgotten gem from my vinyl shack, 60s i think, dudes might be on LSD and music sounds overly happy,  for some reason this reminds of sergeant peppers, because the tracks are so weirdly different.

BRANT BJORK – mankind woman

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mankind women or womankind men, nobody knows in these times of metrosexuals and gender bending, at least we are free, free to roam on this prison planet called earth; and a few words about music, albumful of laidback retro rock groove to give you total relaxation and ease of mind.



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ex-sludge outfit familiar from some droning earth comp, changed a bit during years.


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Great cover of a Joni Mitchell song, hair peace forever. There should be some activism now like in the 70s but people are just happy being eavesdropped and stalked with Major Peeping Toms satellite.

RAY DORSET – cold blue excursion

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