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RED FEATHER – in the sun EP

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Red Feather - In The Sun (EP) - cover.png

primitive-sounding laidback psychedelic rocker, lo-fi production (or no production at all) is a treat to my ears, a good example that good music is good even if theres no good 4-dimension sound from good 3-way speakers.



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awesome compilation LP from 1970,  why theres no music like this anymore? much more inspiring than these new so-called hits.


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2 tracks recorded in the third man record booth, sounds refreshing in the middle of this age of overproducing mania.


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stunning stoner from mexico city. CAMP

MISSISSIPPI BONES – 2600 A.D. and other astonishing tales

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in my music-melted brain this goes to category too-well-produced hard/heavy rock, music you hear from radio rock, the closest thing this reminds me of is nickelback and that might be an insult or a compliment?



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easy-rollin blues rock for relaxing moments, down to earth lyrics about government corruption, drug abuse, mental health, love, hate, etc…  the 1st track didnt got me convinced but then some…


ROLLING STONES – Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass)

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in my teenage years, in the 80s, all that mattered was speed, i mean speed metal, hardcore, etc.. stones was boring music for boring people, later got some of these old vinyls and mind changed..

ps. TEOSTO seems to block all youtube videos in Finland, nazi-Europe rising?