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Music Ruins Lives 2011 Releases

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Music Ruins Lives would like to offer this batch of promo downloads for pretty much all of the releases we’ve put out this past year:

[MRL06] Bad Braids – “Arrow And Orb” cassette (Rich melodies and haunting vocals recalling the likes of Marissa Nadler and Courtney Tidwell)

[MRL07] Tom Vourtsis – “Mothhunting” CD (The 24 hour heartbeat of a deteriorating city from dawn to dawn)

[MRL08] Sequences/Isolated Existence – “Graminaea/Poaceae” Split CD (Soundtrack to a cold sealed fate)

[MRL09] Life In The Dark – “The Sunya Is Rising/Limbs In Gloom” 2xCD (At-times drone, at-times doom; always engrossing)

[MRL10] Vit – “-” CD (Blackened hymns to the Old Ones)

[MRL11] BAD LIFE – “THE DAY YOU DIE” CD (Disembodied post-punk anthems for the forever-failing) [Does not include the final track, the 8-and-a-half epic “IRON VOID”]


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William Fowler Collins – Abattoir from John Twells on Vimeo.


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two great darkambientdronealbums:

BEDAWANG: songs to be afraid of in the dark

EXPLORERS OF THE DARKEST DEPTHS VOL5: Of The Darkest Depths Volume Five (Download at by bedawang

TOPHETH pazuzu

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ambienthorrordronedoomband as they call it, ambient mixed with guitar sounds, pretty good. blogger image upload isnt co-operating today , 3 albums here.

THE MOSS wulfram

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sounds like a mixture of lamp of thoth and t-rex with female vocals, very good hard 70’s sounding riff rock.


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2nd solo experimentaldroneprogressive release from ex-hackman guitarist, sounds amazíng.