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THE PILGRIM – walking into the forest

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60s/70s-style acousticguitar-driven folk rock giving you a peace of mind, transporting you to ethereal forest trails somewhere in time and space, mesmerizing HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

wondrous wanderer

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antidote to the music i get to my emails, musicians dwelling in their voids, im too old for that teenage angst

ps. if someone wondering what happened to droning earth vol76, still doing it but its not so easy to find good unreleased music nowadays (compared to myspace times).


CRO-MAGS – age of quarrel

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cool to find all these childhood soundtracks from youtube, this is a fucking classic too, still sounds fresh and  kicks your butt more than new lame bands, but whats the difference between Youtube sharing all the music (are artists getting paid?) than these so called “criminals”, napster, megaupload, etc.. im so sorry if my thoughts are insulting people and multinatinal corporations, let me know when thinking is illegal …


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these random acoustic assaults.


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recorded around same time as high noon at lowlands, maybe its the same melody, didnt bother to check.

WAR (exploited cover) X2

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as you know i dont need your FUCKING WAR either, just multi-billion business and peace time war criminals on the loose, they can murder me and probably murdered my dad too, so FUCK YOU MILITARY SCUM fucking cowards!!!!!…this reminds me of an introduction i did in school about slayer in the end of 80s, showed some live video from vhs tape too and someone pulled the plug from the wall

ROGUE SATELLITES – torture party

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With this post i want to warn everyone that these “conspiracy theories” about satellite murders might be true, mainstream media isnt telling you all, maybe they dont know either… satellite criminals can artificially cause you heart symptoms, burn your internal organs so you get cancer, maybe even murder you while you sleep… isnt it strange that already in Helsinki anonymous fake profiles knew my symptoms, if i was radiated in tram, in the street etc.


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mid-fi hit factory going on here.


DARJA KAZIMIRA & DAGMAR GERTOT – death of the bull

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not even sure what this genre is, ritualistic vocal improvisations, some instruments as well, definitely something else.

THE EXPLOITED – live in saint petersburg

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as much as i hate youtube and their GODDAMN ADS theres some great content you cant find elsewhere, great to see Wattie is still in good shape and keeps on spreading the truth.


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Band from the teenage years, great to see they are still going on strong and have a message, totalitarian terror on the rise in Finland too.

and this is how i remember them, from the lousy vhs tape i still have somewhere, when post-office was our internet.


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intro edit of a longer guitar ambient, as you can see tracks/coverart might change like my mind.

SAMI YAFFA – electric sazzy land

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rarely see well-known musicians doing some experimentations, respect of that.

ESP – they’re coming

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relaxing sci-fi electronic

JOY DIVISION – walked in line

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just because people are walking in lines again…


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havent heard of these guys in years, new teaser sounds strong, heavy meditations…


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we need more armies like this


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theres beautiful guitar instrumental/ambient


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bass guitar ambient from the archives, good outro.

BRANT BJORK – jacoozzi

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What can you expect from Brant Bjork? Yes, you nailed it, fistful of laidback, chilled out, funky, cool ass jam sessions for pleasant relaxing moments. HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS


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4 year old track, good for intro


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catchy folk rock, reminds of stroszek and a bunch of older singer-songwriters..


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theres some innovative stoner/psychedelic/hard rock

OVERKILL – taking over

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overkill was always bit underrated but i liked them, nostalgic trip to the 80s when hair was long and thrash was something rebellious and revolutionary, still sounds better and fresher than similar new bands.


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probably posted this many times earlier..


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Subjective Self from tarka on Vimeo.


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Birchwood Motel- Cordially Yours from Birchwood Motel on Vimeo.