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slimy, dirty, something from the ice dragon frontman

GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH – masters of space and time

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based on the cover art was waiting for another stoned sabbath style riffing (and because saw the killing yourself to live -cover earlier), nothing wrong with that but tends to get boring if youve heard 1000s of bands recycling sabbath riffs, that said was wonderfully surprised and transferred to the 80s with the soundscapes, vintage sounding heavy/prog rock/metal that has some weird uniqueness in songwriting that keeps you listening, only thing i was missing was the lyric sheet in my hands (LP freaks know what i mean). kozmik artifactz

LITTLE VILLAINS – philty lies

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30 mins of pure rocknroll with philty animal taylor, no modern day gimmicks, endless stoned jams and studio polishing bullshit. heavypsychsounds



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english version

the most heaviest and legendary finnish band.


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the most interesting riffing ive heard in a while, delta-blues/roots inspired hard rock grooves, albumful of delicious listening. camp


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now you can also buy some products or full discography, go ahead, make my day..

OM – pilgrimage

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always inspiring, relaxing and meditative, why this is labeled doom metal everywhere?


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something worth checking…

THE HARE AND THE MOON – wood witch

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weird folk doesnt get much better than this, project also familiar from some droning earth vols..

DYLAN CARLSON – and then the crows descended

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still inspiring after all these years..


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might be the beginning of the next album or just nothingburger….bass guitar+delay+tape echo

THE PARTISANS – i dont give a fuck

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old time favorites.


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band familiar from couple of droning earth vols as well, this is how live show should be filmed, too bad you cant hear the vocals.



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just because of the sweet slow riff…


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been joking about chamber music now and then but this is haunting and enchanting.


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Marc Bolan reborn.

JUICE LESKINEN – arkadianmäen ongelmajätelaitos

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classic finnish heavy rock, theres no artists like this anymore in Finland, only lamers who try to please everyone.

NIGGGHT – leaving here

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Niggght announcing their debut EP and video, sleazy doom blues for easy livin’


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AYAHUASCA DARK TRIP manantial from Vesa Lähde on Vimeo.

one of the strange vids i did some years ago, undersea action from Korkeasaari zoo, guys seem to have one new album released since then.

GEOFF SVENDSGAARD – tridrone cavern

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eastern instrumental that should be longer

HOWLIN’ WOLF – down in the bottom

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original speed metal, clip from the movie “Devil got my woman”.