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NEBULA – demos & outtakes 98-02

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unreleased stoner goodies for post-xmas depression or higher than high jolly good times. heavypsychsounds

CRYPT TRIP – haze county

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authentic 60s/70s hard rock/psychedelia


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just a good title for this christmas, civilians being murdered around the world because of their opinions.

CRUMBSUCKERS – life of dreams

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found the “bullshit society” logo from my 9th grade school book while cleaning the closet, was pretty sure its a track title of some band, this was one of the best hardcore albums of those times, no fillers… and the world hasnt changed since then.

ps. actually the world has changed to worse, military hunting people, police radiating people, etc…people are assaulted at their home with  military RF/sonic weapons..

ANANDA MIDA – cathodnatius

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not psychedelic rock i usually listen, is it prog rock rather, if this reminds of something its Rush, relaxing ride tho.

BLACK MOUNTAIN TRANSMITTER – black goat of the woods

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lovecraftian horror picture without pictures now on vinyl,  remember adding one from this project to droning earth VOL25

LITTLE VILLAINS – what on earth?

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motörheadesque rocknroll with philty animal taylor, immediately started wondering how  this would sound with Lemmy? HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS


GREENBEARD – onward, pillager

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universal psychedelic desert stoner


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not of this world grooves. camp

GRAY DOG – walls ritual

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the 9 minute ambient/drone guitar intro itself is worth checking, could listen that longer, the rest is a unique mix of southern/stoner/art rock. camp

Bissecta de Kinsâme & Bastet Cat

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RED STONE SOULS – mother sky

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groovy 70s stoner/blues/heavy rock from bilocation records


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theres some doom to you, watched the interesting and tragic documentary about Jaco Pastorius, hendrix of electric bass, slowly turning into jazz freak.