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dirty depression-fueled sludge that doesnt smell like teen spirit, no hits, no gimmicks, just heaviness and grittyness crushing the pain inside your flaming, tortured skull. CAMP


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agree with youtube commenter, wow; unique as always, haunting, mesmerizing…

QE Nov 2019 Tour

CYCLES OF THE DAMNED – a time to survive

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probably the most heaviest LP ive ever heard, so heavy it sounds like carrying all the burdens of the modern street walking man, at times tho descending into lighter (darker) ambient parts reminding of the harvest by sea of bones.

MAGMAKAMMER – mindtripper

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personally tired of this kinda music, maybe you dig it if youre younger and the world isnt depressing enough yet, psychedelic stoner doom to melt your skull and to drug your mind, what happened to woodstock times when all the people where happy and dancing?



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…announcing their new EP shiny void, soulful psychedelic/stoner/sludge for some label to sign up.


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psychdoomgrooverock with sabbathian roots, doom riff still twisting to new dimensions, enjoyable, probably sounds much better from vinyl, these mp3s sound bit clinical, this damned age of digital bullshit.