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FARFLUNG – unwound celluloid frown

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brilliant psychedelic space rock again, the 4th track “axis mundi” alone makes this worth getting, beautiful 13min psychedelic/ambient/instrumental/cosmic voyage for deep meditative moments.




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riff idea and spanking the monkey.



DEAD MOON – dead ahead

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if i had to name one band above everything, it would probably be dead moon, this LP was their last.

DOCTOR CYCLOPS – local dogs

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and coverart for this awesome album i reviewed earlier.


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another oldie CAMPED, still doing these but letting the younger boys do the hurrying.

NUNUN – inner

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improvised shoegazing fusion ambient post-jazz?, really confusing, guys could slow down little bit and add some fuzz, buzz, distortion and feedback, maybe im dumb but i couldnt get into this, OR it needs many more listens and altered state of mind


KITCHEN WITCH – back to the mud EP

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1st track didnt get me over-excited, starting from the 2nd nicely flowing EP, difficult to name the exact genre, mixture of hard rock, heavy rock, metal, grunge, blues and soulful female vocals. favorite track the 2nd, ‘its okay’ slightly reminding of dead moons underground hit, ending to the garymoorish blues. also the 5th with the droney start is interestingly weird, tribal and mystical. CAMP