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MONARCH – never forever

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how dark and black can drone doom get? this is the answer, there should be “explicit drones” sticker on the album cover.


COMACOZER – kalos eidos skopeo

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first-class psychedelic space doom odyssey that will take you from the edge of your sofa to inner expeditions of your mind and body…mind-bending and hypnotic from start to finish…



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ok, this is a wrap, there might be vol2, download includes bonus track “dances with the axe”


SPECTRAL HAZE – turning electric

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as close as you can get to hawkwind these days, fast psychedelic groove voyage around the multiverse, astral journey thru cosmos, ghost-like echoes of humanity, gloomy, doomy, fantasticular.


GIN LADY – electric earth

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GIN LADY - Electric Earth COVER.jpg

catchy hard rock from woodstock times or a band from Sweden of the recent years? authentic 60s/70s rock with a modern touch. did i understood the lyrics, guys have something against freedom riders but they wanna dance with flower people, i think flower people were all about freedom too.


PENDEJO – cantos a la vida

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tighter than tight latin-american stoner from netherlands, the 1st album gettin a deserved vinyl treatment from KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ

DEVIN HOFF – sigils

Posted in ambient, contrabass, instrumental, new york on August 14, 2017 by vesalahde


relaxing, haunting, ambient contrabass, even some droney moments, one man show at its finest. CAMP


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as a young child i thought planet of the apes movies were amazing sci-fi, later i realized they are studies of human nature, look at these warhungry pigs everywhere, and trollapes of internet.


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what happened to this amazing trio, last album 2010?


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simply the best instrumentals ive heard in a while, unique stonerpsychedelicprogressive concept album starting from building a new ship ending to a test flight around the universe and beyond, takes you out there, guaranteed, guitarist is insane, insanely great, no words can describe this awesomeness, just go, get it and enjoy the fantastic voyage.


WARRIOR POPE – anchorite

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my dl speed was awful again so based on couple of streamed tracks: interestingly adventurous progressive ambient/drone metal. CAMP

finally had time to listen this more, description above is quite good, progressive instrumentals with heavier and ambient parts, you never know what comes next.

GRANT NATIONAL – double black

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like mixture of melvins/newer metallica and i stopped listening metallica after …and justice for all, so if youre fan of new school metallica you might like this.


DEVIN HOFF – astarte

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ambient contrabass, damn nice.

BLACK ASTEROIDS – come party on uranus

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funky new track


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what i can tell from one track, sounds like hawkwind/on parole-era motörhead, LP from totem cat.