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BRANT BJORK – too many chiefs

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let me update the song title a bit, theres too many intelligence chiefs playing games with our lives…


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new side-project droning truth because tweets are sometimes not enough, and im tired of gangstalking, done by fucking cowards, in Helsinki and Rovaniemi. Its total corruption!

MAGMAKAMMER – mindtripper

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personally tired of this kinda music, maybe you dig it if youre younger and the world isnt depressing enough yet, psychedelic stoner doom to melt your skull and to drug your mind, what happened to woodstock times when all the people where happy and dancing?



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Whats going on in this corrupted world? Is it worth writing blogs and tweeting about what you have experienced if it makes you a target of all kinda military corruption, they stalk my modem (i have to try many times to even get somehow working connection), they stalk my apartment, yesterday some loud war-kinda noises in frontyard immediately when i opened my modem, they have done this before, they have assaulted me with helicopters, hornets, they have followed my car, my other blogs/facebook was sabotaged, emails manipulated, if they cant access my mail they can manipulate what i get, what i send. If Lapland Air Command officer is bragging about that they stalk all citizens (like happened in the U.S.) whos running all crime cartels then? They seem to have some corrupted satellites as well, just for perverted stalking of apartments and pedestrians, in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, satellites of total corruption.

UXVAE – ananke

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bit similar stuff ive been doing now and then, except theres vocals/howling included, quality drones so to speak.


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Sorry only in english but i think they were using some kinda DEW or frequency trying to hurt me, just because ive written about police and security corruption.

Muutamia murhaavia säteilytyksiä (joihin liittyi poliisin läsnäolo) joista olen kirjoittanut aiemminkin: Helsingin rautatieasema aikainen sunnuntai-aamu, murhaava grillaus jalkoihin, vain poliisipaku näkyvissä Sokoksen nurkalla. Asema-aukio kävellessä, murhaava grillaus aivoihin, meinasi taju lähteä, vieressä olevassa poliisiautossa poliisi räplää puhelintaan. Töölössä kävellessä meinasi taju lähteä, menin piiloon bussipysäkin katoksen alle, kohta poliisit pakulla tuijottamaan. Itäbölen ruokala, poliiseja pöydällinen, yksi räpläsi puhelintaan, mieletön grillaus aivoissa, yksi poliiseista kiertää vielä lähtiessään pöytämme vierestä tuijottaen naamaan mitä saivat aikaiseksi. Ja kymmeniä muita tapauksia, joista vittuiltiin heti anonyymisti netissä. Toivon ettei tämä ole poliisihallituksen, sisäministeriön, hallituksen laillistamaa toimintaa joka tuntuu nyt jatkuvan Rovaniemellä lennoston/rajavartioston toimesta. Tapahtumasarja, joka eskaloitunut yli 20 vuotta sitten alkaneesta salakuuntelusta ja nettihäirinnästä Rovaniemellä, raivosin muistaakseni poliisille jotain, kun vihjailivat minun olevan hullu, nykyään kaikkia salakuunnellaan ja härnätään netissä.

BRANT BJORK – chocolatize

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dude is as excited as i am when listening my own tunes.


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Just what i needed after the murderous radiation assault i felt again at home, soothing progressive/post at times even drone rock, refreshing, laidback, wonderful mess of genres, gotta mention folky instrumental (hank carmarvin) as good as solitude, rock album for total relaxation.



YURT – the obstacle is everything

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dont be a yurt, taste some yurt from the sonic elders of yurt, experimental brainmelt space prog rock that reminds a bit of voivods experiments, great especially for you who think the chorus/verse/bridge/solo is sometimes too less.

OF WOLVES – no loss for words

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one of my favorites from the past years, from the “sludge” category, wish there were more bands like this who dare to say it straight and not write some cryptographic mumbojumbo bullshit. One track also on droning earth vol69.


THE VARUKERS – soldier boy

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nostalgic smash hits…





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more evergreens

EMISARIO – nausea

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nausea of the radiating generation?

FVZZ POPVLI – magna fvzz

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said something about pistols last time, probably because of the singing style, theres still something punk-ish and raw in this psychedelic outfit, sounds unique.