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URIAH HEEP – salisbury

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captivating anthem, brilliant LP

URIAH HEEP – the magicians birthday

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magnificent album and the most beautiful track of all time?  remastered version isnt as good as version with vinyl scratches.

TANKARD – chemical invasion

Posted in 80s, germany, LP collection, speed metal, thrash metal, Uncategorized on April 10, 2020 by vesalahde

one of the rarities still left of my original speed/thrash collection, more actual than ever in the era of labrats, labviruses, chemtrails, chemclouds… this wasnt for serious thrashers but beer-drinking fun-loving metalheads.

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – inflammable material

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new world music so depressing at times, are drugs so bad nowadays?  gotta listen energetic classics.

BLACK SABBATH – born again

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check this out digital bitches and zeroes the anonymous heroes, stonehenge, drone before drone boom, very inspiriing, many said this is the worst sabbath album, its not.

DEEP PURPLE – live in london

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remember buying this as a cassette in early 80s, later found the LP from some Helsinki flea market, the 1st purple album and probably the best live album ive ever heard.

THIN LIZZY – black rose

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lyrics still actual