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attila the stockbroker storming the barn since 1649

ANJI CHEUNG – the nothing of night

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needed something relaxing in the midst of writing an essay, only downside is that the track could be much longer.

CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL – science fiction

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rocky horror heavy gospel sci-fi spectacle, the 2nd dogma for us with the cosmic skulls and love for the old vinyl artifacts as purple/lizzy/vanilla fudge/etc.. simply brilliant as the 1st.





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santa brings you a brand-new chemistry set, great old school psychedelic.

KATE CARR – i had myself a nuclear spring

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have heard lot of field recordings, done some myself, but these mixed with drone/ambient sound top notch.

ANNA – sweets

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weird folk i reckon, despite of the cover art (cover is ok but doesnt match the music), the four first tracks could be on a soundtrack of the wicker man (original version).