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A-SUN AMISSA – black rain

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theres some beautiful, melancholic, inspiring music.

WARRIOR POPE – mellified man

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dreamy medieval metal or nightmarish doom metal, probably something in between, not a single sabbathy riff, vocalist growls like cronos, very unique frightmarescapes, if you want something else, you got it. CAMP

URIAH HEEP – salisbury

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captivating anthem, brilliant LP

URIAH HEEP – the magicians birthday

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magnificent album and the most beautiful track of all time?  remastered version isnt as good as version with vinyl scratches.

UNSEEN TERROR – human error

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promo albums waiting in line and im listening golden classics, this got also some serious spinning in the 80s


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dreamy, spooky folk songs for dreamers.

DISCHARGE – new world order

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was curious to check if these guys are still around, very much so.



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flowing almost radio-friendly stoner rock/metal


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after seeing the cover art and bandname the 1st thought was very stoned dudes playing very slow and heavy; heavy was right, maybe stoned as well but this is also damn delicate psych blues rock that even jimi hendrix would wonder about… delightful experience. RIPPLEMUSIC

BLACK PYRAMID – 10th anniversary tour

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remember adding a track to some droning earth volume, probably 10 years ago, never listened the full album before, quality heavy metal/doom grooves for the doomed and globally burned generation.


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theres an great example (again) how to make interesting atmospheric music with only drums and bass guitar, theres no need for lyrics and egoistic vocalists/guitarists.

STEELEYE SPAN – all around my hat

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…and this is what i listen nowadays..



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Sly & The Family Drone Supernormal 2012 from Chris Purdie on Vimeo.


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great lyrics, music reminding of the 80s, they are messing us up…

THE EXPLOITED – horror epics

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after finding 4 punks from the hair of my dog, it reminded me of this classic rock LP from the 80s, no cryptic nonsense, dont blame me internet losers, blame the politicians.

ASOMVEL – world shaker

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Damn, never heard any band sound this much like Motörhead, singer even sounds like Lemmy, catchy fucking tunes too, fuck that spotify playlist motherfuckers and geekmeisters, this is rocknroll! HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

THE EXPLOITED – live in saint petersburg

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as much as i hate youtube and their GODDAMN ADS theres some great content you cant find elsewhere, great to see Wattie is still in good shape and keeps on spreading the truth.

THE PARTISANS – i dont give a fuck

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old time favorites.


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Marc Bolan reborn.

THE LUNAR EFFECT – calm before the calm

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Main Band Photo.jpg

ooh-la-la, psychelicious hazy spaciness, emotionally charged vocals, geezery basslines, melancholic lyrics, you really feel calm after this storm of calmness, so to speak.. there was also coverart but i lost it, so go and buy it ya digital bitches..  kozmik

BLACK MOUNTAIN TRANSMITTER – black goat of the woods

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lovecraftian horror picture without pictures now on vinyl,  remember adding one from this project to droning earth VOL25


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Just what i needed after the murderous radiation assault i felt again at home, soothing progressive/post at times even drone rock, refreshing, laidback, wonderful mess of genres, gotta mention folky instrumental (hank carmarvin) as good as solitude, rock album for total relaxation.



THE VARUKERS – soldier boy

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nostalgic smash hits…





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more evergreens


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no gimmicks, just atmosphere.


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attila the stockbroker storming the barn since 1649

ANJI CHEUNG – the nothing of night

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needed something relaxing in the midst of writing an essay, only downside is that the track could be much longer.

CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL – science fiction

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rocky horror heavy gospel sci-fi spectacle, the 2nd dogma for us with the cosmic skulls and love for the old vinyl artifacts as purple/lizzy/vanilla fudge/etc.. simply brilliant as the 1st.





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santa brings you a brand-new chemistry set, great old school psychedelic.