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KATE CARR – i had myself a nuclear spring

Posted in ambient, drone, experimental, field recordings, uk, Uncategorized on November 8, 2017 by vesalahde

have heard lot of field recordings, done some myself, but these mixed with drone/ambient sound top notch.

ANNA – sweets

Posted in folk, freak folk, uk, Uncategorized, weird folk on October 19, 2017 by vesalahde

weird folk i reckon, despite of the cover art (cover is ok but doesnt match the music), the four first tracks could be on a soundtrack of the wicker man (original version).

WARRIOR POPE – anchorite

Posted in drone, drone metal, instrumental, metal, progressive, uk, Uncategorized on August 7, 2017 by vesalahde


my dl speed was awful again so based on couple of streamed tracks: interestingly adventurous progressive ambient/drone metal. CAMP

finally had time to listen this more, description above is quite good, progressive instrumentals with heavier and ambient parts, you never know what comes next.

HAIR OF THE DOG – this world turns

Posted in classic rock, heavy rock, scotland, uk, Uncategorized on June 18, 2017 by vesalahde

even better than the 1st perfect album, top speed classic rock building on traditions and also sounding fresh, a long list to write down everything this reminiscents of, but the 5th track, thin lizzy and phil lynott?..whatever, superb second album.


OHHMS – the fool

Posted in doom metal, heavy metal, metal, progressive, sludge, uk, Uncategorized on March 4, 2017 by vesalahde

thunderous politically-charged (written in the promo sheet, would be nice to read the lyrics) progressive sludge metal, adventurous tracks have more parts than you ever find from the finnish top40, definitely needs more listens, so if youre looking for neat chorus/verse songs, keep on looking elsewhere, and as the old finnish proverb tells: “the fool is always more trustworthy than the govt”



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amazing 14min single, fly to saturn and back.


Posted in doom metal, italy, uk, Uncategorized on December 5, 2016 by vesalahde

rainy intro, i was waiting for the lightning strike but instead the organ starts then eerily weird guitar sound, like resurrecting something from somewhere.. traditional doom metal with haunting female vocals, i was hoping for bit more original riffing but i think this works fine if you dig electric wizard, reverend bizarre etc.