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freebie sampler of their back catalogue.


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something good i saw in mewe, alternative to facebook.

LICANTROPY – extrabiliante

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3 wolfmen in mexican outfits playing psychedelic garage rock might sound like a joke but tracks are actually great; synth/organ-powered humour-fueled action reminds at times of the craziness of finnish band eläkeläiset. GODOWN

SANTAMUERTE – konokono

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Woah, this was surprisingly good, should i say brilliant, havent heard so cool garage rock LP in years, liked all the tracks, faster pieces, romantic/melancholic ballads and everything between, for some reason this made me wanna drink tableful of beers and smoke pocketful of cigarettes in some hazy 90s rocknroll bar. GODOWN


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Death Valley Girls 25/07/19 Paris, Espace B from NO MORE RETURN on Vimeo.

accidentally watched this, women rock harder than all these testosterone-fueled hatemetals sent to my emails, reminds of the X from the same city.

BURIED FEATHER – cloudberry dreamshake

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smoothly flowing mind-melter borrowing everything necessary from the 60s psychedelic era, bringing the goodies back to these hectic times of face-melting frequencies and mind-blowing theories.

WI-FI KILLS – synchronized errors

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musicians/citizens waking up around the planet earth, when politicians do, are they just puppets of corporations?