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BLACKBIRD HILL – midday moonlight

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BLACKBIRD HILL – midday moonlight

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french garage rock duo inspired by delta blues and western folk tales, like a soulful little brother of the white stripes, these 6 tracks leaves you craving for more.


THE SONIC DAWN – into the long night

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psychedelic rock as a genre is used in many occasions but this sounds like original acts from the late 60s, so both the new psychedelic-born babies and the old acid-beards from the 60s can enjoy this magnificent album of many vibrant colours.


DEAD MOON – dead ahead

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if i had to name one band above everything, it would probably be dead moon, this LP was their last.


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here we surf somewhere between dead moon and white stripes, catchy and pure garagerocknroll with a unique touch.



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this was a pleasant surprise, energetic garage rocknroll, their last gig?

THE FROWNING CLOUDS all night long / dame a dozen

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great 60’s style garage rock, i want more.