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suriseva maa, one way to translate droning earth to finnish, albumful of furious bass guitar improvisations. CAMP

the 7th track “hour of the wolf” added.

ps. droning earth also on medium now.


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IAH - IAH - cover.png

first i thought another boring post-rock band but this is actually quite interesting and have some surprises, faster stoner rock/metal assault parts, so if you need a relaxing space flight out of your groundhog day, this fucking delivers.


THE LAND OF THE SNOW – paths of chaos

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one man show at its finest, treated guitars, programmed drums and electronics creating a chaotic, metallic, instrumental soundtrack of this crazy world around us, considering chaos as a generator of new possibilities, as its described in the promo sheet:

“The aim of the project is to explore the possibilities offered by combining and merging different musical languages in order to create something different and unpredictable. Another goal is to drag the listeners into a high emotional state and use music as a medium to explore and develop one’s inner self.”



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amazing 14min single, fly to saturn and back.

NUNUN – inner

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improvised shoegazing fusion ambient post-jazz?, really confusing, guys could slow down little bit and add some fuzz, buzz, distortion and feedback, maybe im dumb but i couldnt get into this, OR it needs many more listens and altered state of mind



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progressive force-powered instrumental star wars stoner rock, like faster starchild of kyuss, for some reason i was thinking vocals would be a nice addition, but who cares of the thoughts of others, just go ahead, LISTEN, and make your day, punk!