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CURSE THE SON – excruciation

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cant help hearing sabbath-influence in riffs and vocals, everyone decides in their own burned brain is that a good or bad thing
but the tracks are heavier than heaven and roll like a midnight freight train. RIPPLEMUSIC

WARRIOR POPE – mellified man

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dreamy medieval metal or nightmarish doom metal, probably something in between, not a single sabbathy riff, vocalist growls like cronos, very unique frightmarescapes, if you want something else, you got it. CAMP


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so far listened only the 1st track, how beautiful it is, reminds of 70s finnish proge.


CANDLEMASS – epicus doomicus metallicus

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classic, do you hear doom metal this beautiful nowadays? saw the band in kuusrock whatever the year was, had some photos, some thief stole them in Rovaniemi?


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feast of dark jazz/doom/drone metal with haunting female vocals.

HIGH PRIESTESS – casting the circle

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girlschool of doom metal casting meditative spiritual atmospheres, slow riffs for black yoga retreats, highly relaxing alternative to testosterone-powered growlings. RIPPLEMUSIC

BONE CHURCH – acid communion

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Screenshot_Bone Church Acid Communion

took a while, 2nd listen, to wake up the little long-haired heavy metal kid inside me, but after that this was a pleasure; unique, crushing, at times tender, nwobhm-metal with a hint of sabbathy doom. RIPPLEMUSIC

BLACK SABBATH – born again

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check this out digital bitches and zeroes the anonymous heroes, stonehenge, drone before drone boom, very inspiriing, many said this is the worst sabbath album, its not.


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unarmed pedestrians are zapped, air smells polluted, clouds taste satanic… this band still amazes, two monstrous over 20 min instrumentals with plenty of twists, riffs and turns for halloween freaks and doomsday preppers

BLACK PYRAMID – 10th anniversary tour

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remember adding a track to some droning earth volume, probably 10 years ago, never listened the full album before, quality heavy metal/doom grooves for the doomed and globally burned generation.


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theres never enough of female-fronted doom, to be honest sometimes there is, but heres innovative riffing, dreamlike vocals, depressful lyrics, spooky atmosphere, so to speak everything that doomster hippie needs

ESTONER – tahm

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said this before, bit tired of sludge/doom metal genre nowadays, after hearing too many bands during years everything tends to sound the same, and its same with drone/ambient genres, that said i share the track that i liked best on this album, laidback psychedelic shamanism…


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doom metal, and traditional heavy rock, can still be interesting (sometimes think heard it all), especially with innovative riffs and skillful female vocals, at times this lady sounds like janis joplin.



LARES – mask of discomfort

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lare, laren, lares, heavyblackstoner as in the gig poster in their facemelt page, i havent listened black since 80s venom so all i can say this isnt just black metal also some heavier/slower parts, singer sounds too much like all black (metal) singers, but figure it out YOURSELF.

OHHMS – the fool

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thunderous politically-charged (written in the promo sheet, would be nice to read the lyrics) progressive sludge metal, adventurous tracks have more parts than you ever find from the finnish top40, definitely needs more listens, so if youre looking for neat chorus/verse songs, keep on looking elsewhere, and as the old finnish proverb tells: “the fool is always more trustworthy than the govt”


KHON – where the demons play EP

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THIS took me back to times when hair was long and candlemass was the hottest thing on earth, guys dont tag themselves as doom metal but thats what this sounds to me, whatever, nostalgic 4 tracks of heavy metal.

DUEL – witchbanger

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influences from old school doom/heavy metal/hard rock, could call it doom rock, but call it what you want, its 8 killer tracks of groove-laden, skull-burning, witch-banging, hotter than hell misfits metal from the neighbourhood of the texas chainsaw massacre.



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rainy intro, i was waiting for the lightning strike but instead the organ starts then eerily weird guitar sound, like resurrecting something from somewhere.. traditional doom metal with haunting female vocals, i was hoping for bit more original riffing but i think this works fine if you dig electric wizard, reverend bizarre etc.




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Halloween special from the new band signed on HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS.

CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC – dawn of the satanic age

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if the satanic age means stalking and radiation everywhere, the dawn is a coming,
musicwise instru-metal symphony with riffsful of uniqueness, another example that the music interesting enough needs no vocals.



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cosmic doom opera with enchanting female vocals, crushing intergalactic riffride with a hint of psychedelia.




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full album coming from kozmik artifactz, EP on CAMP.


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SUNNATA 01 (C) Ewelina Eliasz.jpg

doom metal stretched to new levels, heavy psychedelic riff with softer nuances and sometimes grungelike vocals, post-doom is probably the genre to describe this.


EARTHSHINE doomed to wander and never die

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blackish doom full of misery/sorrow/melancholia/emptyness and lil bit o’ hope?



CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC your doom has come

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instrumental melancholic doom metal, damn tasty, riffs rolling like no tomorrow, enough variation on tracks to keep it interesting, TASTE it yourself.

ASILO Comunión

Posted in argentina, crust, doom metal, drone on April 25, 2014 by vesalahde


crustdoomheavydronemetal from argentina, if you want some strange heavy unique sounds, download this baby.