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sounds like a unique mix of psychedelic/stoner/prog rock.

DISASTROID – mortal fools

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progression-wise reminds of voivod but instead of thrash this is grungy, crispy and crunchy rock/metal, hard to categorize, appreciate the unpredictability HEAVYPSYCH


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what a trip through varying genres


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theres a nice instrumental trip for spaceheads and others..


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this guy have bunch of magical mesmerizing tunes, enough for a wonderful long play.

GALAVERNA – dodsdans

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mystic, mysterious, medieval, mesmerizing, mind-melting acoustic 70s prog folk, magnificent .

ps. you dont need cauldron nowadays to boil people, you know what i mean, radio frequencies.

DEAD MAN TELLS NO TALES – dead man’s hand

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dead man tells no tales, dead troll stalks no one, mysterious, chilling, jazzy, progressive, psychedelic rock, mostly instrumental, one of these bands that should be signed but their work is just downloadable for free.

THE RE-STONED – rams head

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everyone who thinks to be an awesome musician should try to do at least one interesting instrumental, if music is good theres no need for lyrical boloney, heres albumful of innovative psychedelic grooves for heavy and deep relaxation. KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ

GLITTER WIZARD – opera villains

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rocky horror heavy glam opera, pink metal masterpiece for true men, women and 3rd genders, no boring moments. HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH – masters of space and time

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based on the cover art was waiting for another stoned sabbath style riffing (and because saw the killing yourself to live -cover earlier), nothing wrong with that but tends to get boring if youve heard 1000s of bands recycling sabbath riffs, that said was wonderfully surprised and transferred to the 80s with the soundscapes, vintage sounding heavy/prog rock/metal that has some weird uniqueness in songwriting that keeps you listening, only thing i was missing was the lyric sheet in my hands (LP freaks know what i mean). kozmik artifactz

CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL – science fiction

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rocky horror heavy gospel sci-fi spectacle, the 2nd dogma for us with the cosmic skulls and love for the old vinyl artifacts as purple/lizzy/vanilla fudge/etc.. simply brilliant as the 1st.





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theres some enjoyable finnish progressive/psychedelic rock

THE RE-STONED – chronoclasm

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impossible to describe this amazingnity, psychedelicstonerprogressivehardrockinstrumental fireworks, their best so far, just loosen up your ridiculous tie and get re-stoned.

KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ (oak island records)

SNOWCHILD – age of change

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this was delivered in the right time, just when needed something relaxing in this crazy fucking world… the 1st thought was this is a lost sabbath recording, vocalist sounds like old-school ozzy, musically more progressive/adventurous/psychedelic than sabbath, 4 tracks of brilliance, only negative aspect is that i rather listen vinyls.


ETHEREAL RIFFIAN – wakan tanka & documentary

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take a steady asana and check these guys out, shed light on your existence. CAMP

AHKMED – the inland sea

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Ahkmed, familiar from droning earth vol6, still going on strong.

WARRIOR POPE – anchorite

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my dl speed was awful again so based on couple of streamed tracks: interestingly adventurous progressive ambient/drone metal. CAMP

finally had time to listen this more, description above is quite good, progressive instrumentals with heavier and ambient parts, you never know what comes next.

RESIN – breathing frequencies

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rarely someone sends me albumful of stoner doom nowadays, at least this kinda progressive old schoolish with dirty production values, and dirty means good, again my 1st thought (tells more than 100 pics) was somewhere between slowed down hendrix jam and earth, so relaxing jams for relaxing yoga moments, singer sounds quite disturbing but its the name of the game, as you can see from the coverart.


OHHMS – the fool

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thunderous politically-charged (written in the promo sheet, would be nice to read the lyrics) progressive sludge metal, adventurous tracks have more parts than you ever find from the finnish top40, definitely needs more listens, so if youre looking for neat chorus/verse songs, keep on looking elsewhere, and as the old finnish proverb tells: “the fool is always more trustworthy than the govt”


KROBAK – nightbound

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all four tracks are wonderfully progressing/relaxing instrumental post-rock, violin and slavic melancholy brings some additional depth compared to other post-rock acts.


GLITTER WIZARD – hollow earth tour

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retro heavy rock freaks will ejaculate while listening this, progressivepsychedelicglamrocking epic with no fillers.


OLD SUN – praise the sun EP

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psychedelicious progressive fuzz roll.



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promising progressive dirty sludge.

ESTONER lennud saatana dimensioonis

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mean dirty progressive psychedelic sludge machine, albumful of pleasant surprises, heavy mind-detonating joyride like no other.


POSTURES – halucinda

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Postures Cover

Postures Bandpic

what can i say, enjoyed this one too, timeless progressive rock with a hint of folk and a captivating female singer, neat little album.

world in sound

JUUR – exile

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quite a progressive trip, outta words almost, but if RUSH were more heavier, groovier and metallic it would probably sound something like this, enjoyed every single track.


SLABDRAGGER rise of the dawncrusher

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all we like to drag slabs sometimes, don’t we? these guys drag and pull out heavy, progressive, otherworldly, unique, slow and sometimes faster riffs, to cut it short, voivod of sludge.



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strange name for a band, but these times are strange, from the music you can hear these tracks have developed in long jam sessions, mixture of genres flowing out as laidback, wonderful, sunny and groovy psychedelic rock.


BRAYAN bikes to infinity / a little bit more

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Brayan’s (montibus communitas / ayahuasca dark trip) solo effort, very good 70’s vibe psychedelic meets experimental.