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CACHEMIRA – jungla

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are you experienced? was gobsmacked while listening, fireworks of old school heavy psych n’ blues, amazing live-sounding 31 minutes, even Jimi Hendrix would be proud to hear this, and the drum solo in the end of goddess reminded of Bonzo, maybe a longer drum solo track to the next album?


MOUNTAIN DUST – nine years

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CD booklet.jpg

calm, dark, moody, bluesy psychedelic heavy rock excellence making anyones day brighter and more relaxed, just what i needed for today, outstanding singer, cant compare this to anything, its BLUESY its HEAVY its original, fucks sake, just listen, its gonna make you shine.



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traditional hard/blues/heavy/classic rock boogie reminding of the happy times when music was still good, pure, soulful and carried a message… to cut a long story short an grooveful album that grows during every listen.


DEAD MOON – dead ahead

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if i had to name one band above everything, it would probably be dead moon, this LP was their last.


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big muffs sake, what a mind-blowing tripster, fuzzed out blues rock with a hint of doom, great vocals, some influences from sabbath one, harmonica, geezerish bass.. easily among  the best albums ive heard this year.


CHILD blueside

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first-class heavy blues rock, the 1st track took me immediately out of this world and longer the album progressed farther i travelled, so be prepared for take-off and take a intergalactic ride to the blueside.


AGE OF MAN – about time

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relaxing southern-fuzzed-out stripped-down blues rock, original delta blues dudes would be proud to hear the spirit of their music is still alive and kicking, enjoyed every single track.