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GYPSY SUN REVIVAL – journey outside of time

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holy geezer, this was a pleasant surprise, outstanding hendrixque heavy psych with sweetly grinding organ, original riffing, laidback vocals etc.. could take a cadillac ride to mexico too.. NASONI RECORDS

THE RE-STONED – chronoclasm

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impossible to describe this amazingnity, psychedelicstonerprogressivehardrockinstrumental fireworks, their best so far, just loosen up your ridiculous tie and get re-stoned.

KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ (oak island records)


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damn excellent bluesy catchy female-fronted rocknroll/hard rock, so good i went to youtube searching for some live material (below).

KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ (oak island records)


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easy-rollin blues rock for relaxing moments, down to earth lyrics about government corruption, drug abuse, mental health, love, hate, etc…  the 1st track didnt got me convinced but then some…


COSMOS – s/t

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sometimes some gems i happen to listen


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fantastico psyrock sudamericano, debut album out.

BLACKBIRD HILL – midday moonlight

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french garage rock duo inspired by delta blues and western folk tales, like a soulful little brother of the white stripes, these 6 tracks leaves you craving for more.