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LORDS OF ALTAMONT – the wild sounds of…

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got only a stream for this now so based on couple of tracks this is hi-octane hard-hitting stoogesque dirty punk/rock without gimmicks.


NICK OLIVERI – N.O. hits at all vol2

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eat dirt internet monkeys here comes no hits at all vol2, compilation album of Nick Oliveris vocals with  different bands, some tracks released earlier some not, stoner punk roll and something else.


J.M.K.E. – kylmalle maalle

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This used to be in heavy rotation, still among the greatest punk albums, too bad democracy feels like dictatorship nowadays, stalking, eavesdropping, spamming, targeted advertising, radiation, political persecution, hate, etc..

DEAD MOON – dead ahead

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if i had to name one band above everything, it would probably be dead moon, this LP was their last.

THE CLAMPS blend, shake, swallow

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some might label this as stoner or punk rock as well but i say its juts tight ass rocknroll, groovy fast-forward fresh-sounding riffing, reminds me of the finest moments of finnish bands peer günt and backsliders, no gimmicks, no fillers, just dirty rocknroll in your dirty fuckin face.


NICK OLIVERI – N.O. hits at all VOL1

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compilation of Oliveris vocals with different bands he has recorded with during the past 25 years, some tracks previously released some not, theres punk rock, metal, motorhead cover, etc. and the best thing theres no hits at all, hits are usually shits.


THE EXPLOITED – on stage

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LP from the teenage years, mee maa mee maa.. still actual.

ps. some geek sending ambient review requests from different
adresses, same brown-nosy concept in every email, be more creative.