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J.M.K.E. – kylmalle maalle

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This used to be in heavy rotation, still among the greatest punk albums, too bad democracy feels like dictatorship nowadays, stalking, eavesdropping, spamming, targeted advertising, radiation, political persecution, hate, etc..


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its a long way from paranoid to kannabinöid, riff has slowed down remarkably, massive hazy jamlike meditation fuzzroll, relaxing heavy experience.




ESTONER lennud saatana dimensioonis

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mean dirty progressive psychedelic sludge machine, albumful of pleasant surprises, heavy mind-detonating joyride like no other.


JUUR – exile

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quite a progressive trip, outta words almost, but if RUSH were more heavier, groovier and metallic it would probably sound something like this, enjoyed every single track.


TALBOT scaled

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..and reposting this because the album came last week, thx Jarmo.  Heavy damn amazing psychedelia as always, probably the loudest duo on earth.

LIBLIKAS wooden spaceship

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great estonian progressive metal, only thing i miss is little more rawness to production, but might be these piece of crap headphones are doing me tricks and laptop’s sucker soundcard. Sometimes i notice at home im talking crap here. Also one thing that might make this even more interesting is to use estonian language, there was some estonian stoner band i added to vol9 and i thought estonian sounds cool and exotic, and of course almighty JMKE is another example.