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WARCLOUD – earhammer sessions

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in recent years been quite full of all kinda aerial disturbance in Finland so based on cover art i wouldnt buy this, musically reminds of teenage years when heavy metal and long hair were all that mattered, maiden/helloween/motörhead/manowar/accept etc. catchy fast forward rocknroll/nwobhm-metal with tongue in cheek attitude. RIPPLEMUSIC

WOLFTOOTH – firebreather

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molly hatchet meets black sabbath, quality old school hard rock/heavy metal.

CANDLEMASS – epicus doomicus metallicus

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classic, do you hear doom metal this beautiful nowadays? saw the band in kuusrock whatever the year was, had some photos, some thief stole them in Rovaniemi?


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1st ever finnish metal band i heard, remember buying this as a cassette, still rocking harder than many new bands.

DESTRUCTOR – maximum destruction

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friday nostalgia, lesser-known speed/thrash that was in heavy rotation in the 80s.

HIGH PRIESTESS – casting the circle

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girlschool of doom metal casting meditative spiritual atmospheres, slow riffs for black yoga retreats, highly relaxing alternative to testosterone-powered growlings. RIPPLEMUSIC

GREAT ELECTRIC QUEST – live at freak valley

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reminds of the best from the early 80s (time before speed/black/thrash metals landed in lapland) , priest/maiden/saxon/raven/anvil/running wild/etc. RIPPLEMUSIC