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EARTH – the colour of poison

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latest from the band that inspired this blog, droning earth compilations and minimalistic music im doing..


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fucks sake, just something good found from soundcloud


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lately noticed women are more innovative with their music projects? guys areusually doing that depressive dark, black or gray ambient/drone, not all but some kinda trend.


GEIST & THE SACRED ENSEMBLE – dig in sessions

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basket case on the cover or the latest tin foil hat model? soon we need a full metal body armor to walk in the streets, musicwise as you know these guys, their every session sounds different, folk/drone/blues/experimental/etc..


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seattle collective delivering their next batch of unique meditativepsychedelicfreakfolk, you know what i mean, if not, check out the vid below, tracks like sun-struck and beyond this vessel should be longer. CAMP


GeIsT & ThE SacReD EnseMbLe

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americanafolktrancedoomful 1st track from their upcoming album.


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vid from a new album coming from flat field records.